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The Ultimate Luxury Yacht Charter and Rental Experience!

When it comes to luxury, there’s simply no comparison to the majesty and splendour of a yacht charter and rental in Dubai. Imagine yourself on a beautiful yacht, sailing along the stunning coastline and taking in all the amazing sights that Dubai has to offer. With Royal Yachts, you can make this dream a reality! We have a fleet of luxurious yachts that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two or an exciting adventure with friends, we have something for everyone. Our yachts come fully equipped with all the amenities you could possibly need. And with our experienced crew at your disposal, you’re guaranteed a yacht charter trip you’ll never forget.

Enjoy an unforgettable yacht rental holiday in Dubai


Royal Yachts –The Foremost Choice Of Many For Yacht Chartering Around The World

If you wish to explore some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world, then nothing can be more fascinating than a luxury yacht charter and yacht rental.

Imagine a 5-star luxury hotel service, offering a luxurious stay, with a ratio of one staff to every guest. Additionally, you are served gourmet cuisine of your choice to satisfy your taste buds. The whole experience is of a resort where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones any time and for as long as you want. You sail to a different location with a completely different feel every day. You choose to decide where and when to go, at your own pace. Find an ideal place to sit back and relax, undisturbed by strangers and outsiders.

Luxury Yacht Cruise in Dubai-:

Private Cruise

Royal Yachts brings you an excellent private yacht charter experience aboard a luxury yacht.

You can choose from our wide array of yachts offering comfortable sightseeing in complete luxury and style all year round. Whether it is your honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, birthday, engagement party, Christmas celebrations, Eid celebrations or any other festival or New Year’s Eve celebrations, we are equipped with some of the most exclusive models for you to hire for your private gathering. We are also open to out of the box ideas to accommodate your wishes as per your preferences.

Private Yacht Charter Dubai
Yacht Party 

Are you wondering what would be the best and most spectacular venue for a memorable yacht party? There is no match for a fully-equipped yacht charter in Dubai to make your special occasions even more special, enjoyable and exceptional! 

We at Royal Yachts are always prepared for all types of events, memorable moments, and celebrations in your life. Whether corporate events, birthday parties, cruising with family, wedding events, anniversary celebrations, or simple holidays to lay back and relax with your loved ones, our lavishly designed charter yachts with excellent onboard staff for every occasion are well-equipped to cater to all your demands onboard.

 Whether a private gathering or a large group excursion, we will never disappoint you with our outstanding yacht charter services.

Corporate Cruise

Corporate entertainment is also part of the new evolving workplace environment. Therefore we see a pressing need for venues and events that can leave a lasting imprint in the minds of people involved. In this reverberating entertainment market, yacht charters have emerged as an exceptional venue for corporate meetings, events, product launches, business meets, team building, staff training incentives and rewards and more.

 You may have many things making rounds in your mind, but when you are aboard a luxury yacht with us, leave it to our professional crew members to give you the best services of your lifetime along with the most delectable cuisines of your choice.

Adventure Cruise

To make things exhilarating for adventure enthusiasts, we have also rounded up vessels that are best for travellers who fancy mixing leisure tours with high-octane adventure. We allow you an opportunity to dream up an exceptional voyage to come alive with the action-packed adventure activities amid the unmatched comfort and extravagance of a luxury yacht. From parasailing, kayaking, flyboarding, paddle boarding, snorkelling, sea surfing and more, you will get an opportunity to experience them all.

We have picked some of the best yachts and superyachts and equipped them for all kinds of events and occasions. So you only need to call us and book the ultimate adventure cruise experience.

Fishing Cruise

If fishing is one of your favourite hobbies, then there is no reason you will not fall in love with fishing cruises. Dubai is amongst the top fishing destinations, allowing you access to all types of fish in its aquamarine water! You can either take a solo cruise or a group trip equipped with fishing gear and yacht facilities to make your cruise the most memorable.Fishing Yachts

We at Royal Yachts are experienced in deep-sea fishing trips and anglers. People can either charter the entire boat or rental on a shared basis. So if you are one of those hunting for a fishing boat in Dubai, we are here to drive you to the most exciting fishing spots! Our cruise ships are probably the most carefully built to tempt you into setting for sail and setting your hook, allowing you plenty of fun and activities.

Our Tailor-Made Private Tours

Our designed exclusive private yacht charter and yacht rental packages, knowing our guests’ varied interests and growing demand. So as you choose to book a luxury yacht charter tour with us, we take all your worries and concerns and ensure your yacht rental trip is hassle-free, successful, and worth every penny. We offer a plethora of exclusive private boats, luxury and small yacht charter packages.

 From celebrating new year parties, private family parties to high-end corporate events to local festivities, our yachts are designed for every occasion for our esteemed guests.

Most Attractive Destinations in Dubai

Pick the most suitable yacht cruise and set out for the city tour. Some of the most visited city’s sights include – Burj Kalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, World Island, The Dubai Fountain, Dubai Canal, Dubai Creek, and Gold Souq.

Dubai Marina for Yacht Charter

As you cruise by the coasts of Dubai, you can take a glimpse of the iconic skyscrapers that are the pride of the city. However, the magnificent Dubai Marina with its most prominent skyscrapers and the most intriguing palm tree-shaped artificial island Palm Jumeirah stands out, leaving every gazer amazed.

Moreover, you can always take a cruise to the nearby lesser-known islands that are yet to be discovered by tourists and enjoy a full day luxury yacht rental trip in Dubai, available at the best prices.

But, if you want to travel beyond Dubai, then Royal Yachts will make every effort to make your overseas cruise an unforgettable experience. From the Middle East to the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, we ensure you get the most royal services all along your cruise.

Why Choose Royal Yachts?

Offering Best Yachts

Our inventory includes some of the most extravagantly built luxury yachts from local and international builders. You can choose from a wide selection of vessels keeping your cruise expectations in mind. We have a yacht for every chartering requirement.

Professional Crew

Our crew members are professionally trained and cater to your every need onboard. So you get the finest hospitality amidst the most royal surroundings. We also have options for the customisation of packages as per your preferences. So let us know your luxury yacht charter in Dubai requirements in advance to serve you better.

Best Sailing Route

We pick the best sailing route for our guests. You will just have to tell us whether you want to cruise local or international, and we will take care of the rest for you. Our packages are most interestingly designed, mixing all the things you would love to indulge in on your voyage. However, we are also open to tailor-made routes with new ideas allowing an opportunity to explore lesser-travelled destinations if our guests desire so.

Well-Maintained Yachts

You have the freedom to choose the most suitable yacht with easy access to your favourite destination. However, when it comes to maintenance, we ensure our clients get the best service in the industry and are comfortable aboard the boat they choose.

Utmost Safety

At Royal Yachts, safety comes first. Safety measures are taken very seriously, and we ensure our clients feel comfortable while sailing with us. We have appointed an experienced, fully qualified, and trained team to operate our vessels.

Vast Experience

We are one of the most trustworthy yacht charter companies in Dubai. With years of experience in yacht rental and yacht charter, we ensure the very best and most unique yachting experience for our clients from everywhere.

Additional Services-

  • Transfer from the airport to
  • Bar (prices upon request)
  • Hostess and organisation of holidays (upon request)
  • Water sports activities
  • Concierge service at luxury nightclubs and restaurants in Dubai
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tour
  • Long-term cruise to Oman and Sir Banias
  • Italian cuisine prepared by the Michelin Star Chef, Niko Romito


Participation in Chartering Events

We had the opportunity to charter and rental yachts and served at some of the most distinguished events across the world. The events were – F1 Abu Dhabi, Monaco & Singapore, to name a few. However, the most prestigious one was New Year’s Eve Charter for the UAE, as extremely eminent personalities adorned the occasion with their presence on board.

Interesting Facts About Dubai’s Yacht Culture

Yacht culture in the UAE is beyond luxury and opulence. Whether it be sailing, fishing, or pearl diving, Arabian Gulf is the name that comes first to our mind. They are a part of UAE’s rich culture, interwoven into the soul of this land for aeons. The pearl trade that had grown extraordinarily in the 19th century in the Middle East has played a crucial role in encouraging the yachting industry here. Since then, the boating industry in Dubai, UAE, has prospered in the region to such a proportion that it brought men of all backgrounds unitedly at one place and is unfathomably and rapidly following its pathway in establishing Dubai as a prime maritime hub. Know more about Yacht Culture in UAE

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