Luxury Yacht Charter Management

Dubai’s Reputed Yacht Management Service Providers

Royal Yachts offers professional yacht management services in Dubai to assist yacht owners in the day-to-day management and maintenance of their yachts. With highly expert staff, our company helps owners in maintaining their investments, controlling expenditures, and finding suitable prospects to achieve the maximum return on investment. Our services include a wide range of tasks such as crew management, scheduling maintenance and repair, financial management, charter management, and insurance and safety compliance. The specific services offered and the level of support provided can vary depending on the type and size of the yacht, the owner’s preferences, and the level of service required.

We also take care of a range of legal and maintenance responsibilities that come along with yacht ownership, which can be difficult and time-consuming for yacht owners. Our goal is to free the clients from the hassles related to yacht ownership under our business license in the UAE.

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Our Offerings Under Yacht Management

Crew Management

Recruiting, hiring, and training yacht crew, as well as managing their payroll, benefits, and work schedules.


Maintenance and Repair

Scheduling and overseeing routine maintenance tasks, as well as coordinating repairs and refits when necessary.


Financial Management

Handling all financial aspects of yacht ownership, including budgeting, accounting, and tax compliance.


Charter Management

Managing the process of chartering the yacht to third-party clients, including marketing, booking, and scheduling.


Safety Compliance

Ensuring the yacht complies with all relevant safety regulations, including crew training, equipment maintenance, and safety inspections.

Why Choose Us As Your Yacht Manager?

A professional staff of knowledgeable yacht managers is assigned to supervise every operation of your luxury yachts and superyachts when you choose Royal Yachts as your yacht management company. We stay updated with technological, administrative, and regulatory standards in addition to how to manage your vessels effectively. You can trust our crew as they will give you and your group full support so that your yacht works safely and efficiently.