March 2, 2021

Yacht Charter Services in Dubai Can Be a Great Escape from Routine Life

Dubai is one of the top few places that offers luxury yacht charters services to avid sailors from all parts of the world. This vibrant port city of the United Arab Emirate has become very popular among both businesses as well as leisure travellers for various reasons. Whether it is the exquisite tourism options or its business-friendly environment, Dubai has carved a niche for itself in the tourism and business map of the world. A few superb options that make Dubai very special for travellers are its golden dunes, its skyline loaded with skyscrapers, sprawling shopping malls, and its lovely luxury yacht charters.

Here, we will try to find out the different types of yacht charter services available in Dubai.

Luxury Yacht Charter

A luxury yacht charter can be a trip to any destination of your choice or any activity you wish to do during your yacht tour. You can either take a short trip of a few hours or can even plan a long-distance luxury yacht charter trip that might take days and weeks to complete.

Sportfishing Charter

On a sportfishing charter, you go with your friends or family members to enjoy a day out in the middle of the ocean. Your yacht crew members will know the right spots for fishing and can guide you about shark and other species like mahi-mahi, tuna, and sailfish, etc. This yacht company provides all equipment, so you will just need to be ready for it. 

Shared or Group Yacht Charter

You can also plan a shared or a group yacht charter with your friends, colleagues or family. You will need to tell your yacht company about your plans and what you expect from them. Based on that, your yachting company will provide you with the right yacht for proper accommodation and also help you all find destinations that are best for group parties. They also arrange the provisions for the trip as per the headcount.


You can also opt for a simple sightseeing tour as you choose to sail. You will need to tell your captain beforehand, and he will ensure you are taken via the route that provides a glimpse of all the beautiful places. 

Sunset Dinner Tour

This is a perfect tour for couples or newlyweds. It can even make a great family party of a friend’s get-together. Sunset dinner tour gives a fairy-tale like experience and is the most suitable leisure time escape. It starts from late evening and continues till dinner ends. Many times yacht companies combine the dinner with DJ, local dances and music. If you want something to be played as per your choice, you can always make the request.

Private Event

Yachts are perfect for private events. You get to celebrate away from the busy life of the city in the middle of the sea, amid complete privacy. It is a mind-blowing experience to be surrounded by water from every side, relishing lovely views around, along with personalised service at every step. Luxury yacht charters are most suitable if you are planning any private family or corporate event. You get everything in one place and have someone personally assist you with all of your needs.

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