April 12, 2022

Three Most Essential Tips To Find Your Perfect Crew

If you are looking for a crew for your next luxury yacht charter cruise, then you will need to be very careful. It is important to find a crew that is not only skilled in their job but also good to have around. Nobody likes to be surrounded by people who do not make feel others onboard comfortable. So, apart from skills that are essential parts that you need to check in your crew before you hire, it is also important to notice if they are the right people to have onboard. When you are in the middle of the sea, out to spend a fantastic time with your family or friends, you will need the best people to make your occasion most enjoyable. The yacht crew members are professionally trained to cater to your needs on board and offer your personalised experience, something you may not have experienced before. They make your sailing tour unforgettable and ensure you get the best of everything while onboard.

However, the choice of the wrong people can spoil your vacation experience. As you plan to cruise, you have the option to hire your crew. Making your yacht charter most enjoyable depends on whom you choose for the service onboard. Most yacht companies can help you find your team, but you will have to choose, and you may have concerns while choosing them.

So, as you finally decide that you are going on a yacht charter, ensure you make the right call on your crew. At this point, you must ask yourself an initial question “how can I find the right crew on a yacht?”.

In this blog, we share some tips to help you in the process.

1. Prioritise Experience

Experience is essential when you plan to hire a crew for your yacht charter. What type of crew you select decides how much enjoyable your sailing tour will be. You are ready to pay for the service, so it is pretty natural to expect an extraordinary service from them, keeping the sophistication of luxury yachts in mind. Moreover, your crew should have thorough knowledge about the vessel you are planning to ride.

These are must-haves for your crew:

  • handling the size of the boat you are chartering
  • able to fix an impeller
  • must be aware of what equipment to place
  • know how to throw in a quick reef if a squall comes
  • how to manage the boat if something unexpected happens
  • how to reach the shore when the weather goes awry
  • apart from working the yacht, maintaining its hygiene, and other essential services to cater to all your demands.

2. Adaptable to Situations

It is always good to have people who enjoy sailing with you. If your crew remains detached from the activities, they won’t be able to provide you with the expected service. They should be able to adapt to every situation and activity that you engage in. Always on the forefront to make even the impossibles possible sort of type. Also, if there are people with weird personalities that are tough to handle usually, the crew should have types of members who can mingle with them and keep them entertained. You may not find a perfect match, but it will be great if you can find adaptable people.

3. Must Be Familiar with Your Tastes

This is very important when you hire professionals for service. The crew must be familiar with your type of tastes and likings. Do not hesitate to question each one you select about their experience and expertise in various services. It includes even your preference for food. For example, whether the chef you are planning to hire for your yacht charter is skilled in cooking cuisines that you and others in your group enjoy. It applies to every service crew is expected to provide. This will help you find the right person and tell them about your expectations.

A Good Crew is Your Best Friend While Sailing

Almost all yacht charter companies appoint trained crew for their charter services. But, due to COVID 19 uncertainties, most yachting companies had to release their crew members due to their health and safety needs. Additionally, companies are now maintaining maximum precautions to protect their passengers and crew from the deadly virus.

However, if you require crew for your yacht charter service in Dubai or anywhere else, the companies can help you find the best ones from their industry contacts. Of course, if you are planning a bareboat sailing, you will not require any crew, but if you want to make your yacht charter the most fulfilling experience of your life, we will recommend you hire a team of professionally trained and experienced crew. A well-trained crew can make your journey worthwhile. They are trained in everything, and their presence will make your sailing even more memorable!

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