August 26, 2019

Consider While Planning for an Event on a Yacht

If you have planned an event ever in your life you must be already knowing what it takes to organise an event smoothly. And if you haven’t yet, then you should know that organising an event is not a cup of tea, rather takes lot of efforts, patients as well as aggression too.

In case you are planning to organise a event on a luxury yacht, whether birthday party or a corporate event or an anniversary celebration then you will have to consider few things before taking the final call and booking your choice of yacht. First thing that you should know is, arrangement of any kind of event takes time, so consider planning it much before the actual time is approaching you. Moreover, if you have decided that you will organise the event on a yacht then the very next thing you should do is choose your yacht carefully.

If you are booking a yacht event for the first time then you may not know several factors need to be considered before booking. Even the organisers would need some time to give you the most perfect date and timing to make your event the most memorable one. If you think you can book a yacht event within few days then your event might end up disappointing you. After you book, organisers will need to arrange the most ideal yacht for the occasion you are preparing, monitor the weather conditions, check for the crew availability, decoration and other on demand facilities that you may have for the event. These factors are important to make your journey special.

Below we will discuss the list of things that needs to be considered while booking a yacht.

Things to Consider

Know Your Budget for the Event

Yacht events do not come cheap. But then if you have planned an event on a cruise liner then you might have already planned your budget too. Even then you should be aware that Dubai yacht parties are available at different costs. The range comprises from low budget simple yachts with basic amenities and water experience to highly maintained luxury yachts with host of classy amenities too.

You will have to decide your budget in advance so that you can do proper research of the available yachts in your budget. Talk to several yacht party dealers who can assist you with the possibilities different yachts have. Do find out about the amenities and other important factors like food, liquor, music an other details that you may want to add while on board. Only if you start planning ahead you will be able to find a yacht that suits your budget and fulfill all your demands in the same.

Timings of Your Event

Timing is crucial in everything and when you have decided for an event on a luxury yacht then you will have to be little more cautious considering the factors that might disappoint you if you fail to book your yacht in advance. Occasions like birthdays and anniversary fall on same dates so you can easily make bookings well in advance. Similarly, if you are planning celebration for some festival on yacht with family and friends, you know the date so can making bookings much before the date. Even the corporates events are scheduled months before, and most of the time the date are finalised based on the availability of venues. Do monitor the yacht sailing schedules and follow the instruction carefully.

Crew Members on the Yacht

Without doubt, yachts already appoint well trained and professional crew members who are experts in their areas of work. Whether attending your guests or serving meals or any emergency like situation they are aware of their responsibilities. Yet, if you want to meet the crew members, you can make request to the captain of the cruise to arrange a meeting with them. Also consider visiting the venue yourself and examine the arrangement before the event date.

Yachts Sizes for the Event

This is another important factor to consider as every yacht has a specific capacity to accommodate guests. Do check the capacity of yacht for events based on the headcounts at your side. You will have to inform the organiser about the number of people attending the event so that they can cater to your demands well.

Amenities for the Event 

How the arrangements are made depends totally on what the event is. Thus, it is important that you inform the team for what occasion you are booking the yacht. Each event has its own decor pattern, while birthdays have simple decor, wedding require elaborate decor, and corporate parties might do with minimalist decor. The team at the yacht can guide you with the decor. You will have to tell them what kind of decor you are looking forward to. So, make sure that before you complete your payment, you inform the team so that they are informed about the event they are going to organise. Do ask for all the amenities that you want before you make the bookings.

So, only when you are convinced about all the amenities, availabilities and capacity of the yacht, book a yacht for events.


Dubai is famous for its luxury yacht parties. You get the best of all the worlds here. All you will require to do is plan you event in advance so that you have enough time in your hands to find the best luxury yacht party in Dubai.