Published: April 14, 2022

This May Make Your F1 Dream Real at Monaco Grand Prix 2022

Monaco is all eyes and ears for its most action-packed event this year. The Monaco Grand Prix 2022, takes place between the 26th and 29th of May. It is one of the most glamorous and grandest F1 Grand Prix for the unique combination of tradition, atmosphere and a historical and challenging circuit.

Though it might be the slowest racing track with the rarest overtakes, to evaluate it only on these parameters is not justified. Monaco Grand Prix is more than just tracks. The entire atmosphere is filled with the glitz, glitters and trumpets while F1 cars glide along with the metal barriers at 180mph! Though the event is occupied mainly by the rich and famous, people who are enthusiastic about watching F1 onboard a luxury yacht charter wait for the entire year for one of the grandest events in this beautiful city.

Taking a luxury yacht charter to watch the Monaco Grand Prix 2022 be the most luxurious experience. Moreover, during this time, Monaco’s yacht charter price skyrockets. The more prime location, the more expensive will be the yacht charter. However, the luxury seekers never mind making their pockets lighter during this most opulent moment in Monaco. A luxury yacht charter is an amazing opportunity that offers you a first-class seat onboard to catch all the live-action in the most sought after venue on the F1 race calendar.

As the action unfolds, witnessing the grand F1 from a yacht offers spectacular views of the cars racing through the harbour circuit. The harbour section of the track is one of the specially chosen parts of the circuit and is a perfect spot to enjoy the action from. So ensure you book your tickets as early as possible to be a part of the grand event.