September 3, 2019

Luxury Yachting in Dubai – Dos’ and Don’ts

This is the first time you are in Dubai to visit a long-time friend along with your bride. To your surprise, he/she has booked a luxury yacht in Dubai for you as a gift to you on your wedding. It was your childhood dream to sail on luxury yachts on the shores of the deep blue sea at some point of time in your life, but you never knew it will happen and happen so early. You won’t stop thanking your friend for this wonderful gift that will make your visit to Dubai most happening. Luxury or a private yacht in Dubai is a complete bliss for the sailing enthusiasts. If you have ever thought of embarking on a sailing then Dubai yachts are the ultimate ones. And no die-hard sailor will deny on that.

It is no news that Dubai yachts are a favourite with the newlyweds and honeymooners. The ambiance created around the sailing makes the occasion most romantic for couples. Alongside the beauty, glamour and tourist attractions and activities that Dubai is adorned with, makes the moment even more flattering for the newly wedded couples.

Night cruises are best for newlyweds when the city glitters from every side while you embark on the most fascinating experience of your life and too with your partner for life. It will be a completely blissful moment when you cruise in a luxury yacht in Dubai on a night along with your partner. Silent sailing in a romantic ambiance under the starry sky and light music in the background is something that will make your sailing worthwhile. You are served the best of delicacies from the Middle East to make the occasion engrossing for the two of you.

Yachting in Dubai – Do’s and Don’ts

Since it is your first time onboard a luxury yacht in Dubai, it is best to check for the do’s and don’ts before you start.

The Do’s

Respect the crew
Each one of the crew members on board deserves respect. It is not about a big and small job or easy and difficult job; it is about every human being deserves respect. Make sure you do not get into any kind of abuses for any service that you are not happy with. The crew members are appointed in the vessels to fulfil every single request of the guests onboard. If you find anything disappointing bring it to the notice of the concerned person in a polite way. Every single crew member present there are working to make your sailing experience most memorable.

Be Attentive to Security Alerts
Once you are on board, you will get security briefings from the crew/captain before the sailing starts. Generally, people have a habit of not giving much attention to security briefings, though it’s very crucial while sailing and should be taken seriously.

Carry Right Luggage
Do not carry anything that the vessel won’t be able to accommodate in its spaces. In most of the luxury boats, storage creates a problem. Hence it advisable that you carry smaller size luggage too so that they can be accommodated properly. Many times, there is a capacity problem for big suitcases. Try carrying soft luggage like backpacks that can be adjusted anywhere.

Fun, Food and Entertainment
Yachts are the best places when fun, food and entertainment come. The vessels are abundant with everything you wish to have on a romantic journey. Make the most out of it with your partner.

The Don’ts

  • Do not get into any illegal activities. You are here for fun and entertainment and not for anything unethical. At times people get carried away and fall into several traps or sometimes get into activities that are not accepted under the law. So be attentive while sailing.
  • Depending on the crews too much can spoil your fun. So, avoid banking too much on anyone. Though crews are there to assist you throughout, yet always be ready to do few things on your own to keep the rhythm of fun on.
  • If your cruise stops on an Island then do not venture too much inside the Island.
  • Do not do anything that can disturb others on board.
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