September 21, 2021

Indulge in Five Fun-Packed Social Distancing Activities While on a Luxury Yacht

Ever since COVID-19 hit us, social distancing has become the norm. Go anywhere, and the restrictions go along with you. We simply cannot ignore the restrictions. And this fear of getting infected does not allow us to travel worry-free. Therefore, people often look for options where they will not need to be too finicky, which also applies to vacationing. With countries worldwide having eased the lockdown rules, almost every country has introduced restrictions and social distancing norms.

Since we see travelling is no longer halted like during the entire lockdown period, air travel to many countries is available, and people want to get back to the good old days of fun, entertainment, travel, and all types of leisure activities. However, more or less, restrictions are still there and range from wearing masks in public places, using sanitisers and disinfectants after coming in contact with any external object, to always staying 6ft away from others.

Notorious Yacht Trip

Amid all this, avid travellers are busy looking for perfect options in this situation and won’t be bothering. Among many options, a luxury yacht charter is the one that can provide you with an ultimate social distancing vacation. You get everything confined to your vessel, and there is no obligation for interaction unless you want to. This also makes a yacht charter ideal for these five social distancing activities.

This post will talk about some of the best sailing or social distancing activities you can embark on while on a luxury yacht charter. You can indulge in sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, canoeing, fishing, parasailing and more similar water sports activities. These activities are most liked by water sports enthusiasts on a yacht charter tour anywhere around the world.

Five Most Preferred Social Distancing Activities on Water 

  1. Sailing is Soul-Stirring

Sailing is one of the favourite leisure time activities for sea lovers and the best one in the current conditions that demand social distancing. Far from busy city life, sailing from one place to another, with no crowd to disturb you or push you aside, a yacht charter is a perfect choice for vacationers craving for an outing to some distant place surrounded by complete privacy. It is one of the most fancied social distancing activities today, with nothing and no one but the vast ocean to mask you.

Sailing on a yacht charter is the ultimate social distancing activity with the boat all to yourself. Of course, you can hire a boat with a skipper and crew members if you need services onboard. But, you have the choice to maintain the minimum interaction with others only when you want or need it. While you are on a yacht tour, you will not require to fight for space or the best spot on the beach, and you can simply sail till you find the location of your choice along the coastline.

The best thing about yachts is they are fully equipped with everything you need while you are in the middle of the sea for days and weeks. All your provisions are preordered, delivered and stored in your boat before you board it. This minimises interactions and connections with people.

However, you can always choose to interact with others on a yacht charter tour if you wish to. For example, you can meet people when you anchor your yacht in marinas and visit restaurants for meals in anchorages or on beaches.

  1. Kayaking is Exciting

Kayaks are fun if you want to explore the ocean in a frolickingly. It is another fun-packed social distancing option you can embark on while on a luxury yacht charter tour. When you book your yacht, ensure you have also asked to add a kayak to it so that when you find a perfect spot for kayaking and feel like indulging in it, you can make use of it to the maximum. There are double kayaks or multiple kayaking to choose from, as per your interest. However, kayaking is best done in a calm sea.



  1. Canoeing is Fun-Filled

Canoeing is one more fun-filled activity you can engage in while in the middle of the sea, allowing social distancing. Canoeing can enable you to explore rivers and canals or the wide-open ocean. You can paddle a canoe at your desired speed and explore the surroundings.

Canoeing can be done either alone or with a family member or a friend. While you go on a yacht charter and choose to canoe, you can explore coves, caves, and hidden treasures where boats cannot reach.

  1. Snorkeling is Action-Packed

Snorkelling is another one of our favourite social distancing activities to explore marine life. It is an easy social distancing activity and amongst the most action-packed one as you can jump off the yacht and into the water to discover how life moves underwater.


  1. Paddleboarding is Enrapturing 

Paddleboarding is becoming more and more popular around the world these days. Paddleboarding is a great addition when you decide to pick a yacht charter tour and combine it with some fun elements. So rent a board or two with your yacht and experience the ultimate in Sailing.



Paddleboard onto shore at a secluded beach amid complete privacy away from busy city life is one of the favourite social distancing activities people indulge in post COVID.

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