December 9, 2021

How to Behave When You Are in the Middle of the Sea during Yacht Rentals?

Today Dubai is one of the most popular tourist hubs in the world. People from across the globe throng in huge numbers into the city of some of the iconic skyscrapers. A cosmopolitan city with something for everyone is increasing becoming a dream destination for many. Dubai is a complete package in itself as you get to experience almost everything from fun, leisure, adventure, entertainment, water sports, desert safari, luxury sailing, sightseeing, exclusive shopping and one thing without which everything becomes bland – a plethora of local and international FOOD! So, if you come to Dubai on vacation with your family and friends, each one will find something to indulge in.


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Dubai has Immense Oceanic Potential

Moreover, with many artificial islands and a breathtaking coastline, Dubai has invested massively in its oceanic potential. Therefore, you will find luxury yachts of all sizes docked around the harbour to be booked by sailing and yachting enthusiasts. Some are privately owned, and some are available for rent for tourists who seek to experience yacht charter tours in Dubai. In Dubai, luxury yachts are a great attraction and amongst the most popular venues for many events, mainly – Tours, Parties, Business.

Here we will discuss how to behave in boats, in the middle of the sea and along the shore.

Do Not Leave Your Kids Alone

Never leave your child alone and unattended when you are in the middle of the sea or near water. Do not trust others when the safety of your child is the primary concern. Tell them not to move around or go near the water alone without permission. Teach them; it could be risky if they move around alone in the yacht.

Equip Yourself with All Necessary Equipment

First, equip yourself with all the necessary equipment you may need on your trip. Then make sure your equipment on the yacht must be in good condition. Finally, please familiarise yourself with all equipment so that you can use them correctly when you need them. It will increase your safety significantly.

Also, your visual distress devices on board like pyrotechnic red flares, orange distress flags, or lights must be within your access. And make sure your yacht has enough fuel.

Check the Weather Reports Before You Depart

Make sure you have checked weather reports and water conditions before departing the shoreline. The weather at sea can change unexpectedly within minutes and can be disastrous. Use boats when weather and water conditions are suitable.

Abide by the Rules of the Sea

Just like there are rules for roads and airlines, there are rules for yachts on the seas. It is vital to carefully first learn those rules and follow them. Listen to the captain of your boat attentively when he gives instructions. Remember safety of people on board is of utmost importance. Also, it would help if you behaved responsibly towards the environment too.

Wear a Life Jacket Always

It is necessary to wear your life jacket on your yacht trip. It is advisable you wear it all the time. Make sure everyone on board follows this rule. Wear a life jacket or a personal flotation device while onboard.

Avoid Over Drinking

Drinking profusely must be avoided for your good. If you want to drink, do it moderately so that you remain sober. And if you are in charge of sailing your boat, then you should restrain from drinking. In simple words, do not drink and sail. You must know that alcohol can affect your decision-making ability and lower your chances of survival in case of accidents or mishaps.

Do Not Overload your Yacht

Do not overload your vessel. And when you load it, make sure the weight is distributed evenly. Overloading can not only make things uncomfortable on the yacht but also make your stay unsafe on board.

Be Helpful, Be Careful

If somebody is sick or some mishaps happen, it is essential to do your part on the boat as early as possible. Make sure you do not leave anyone in the sea when you go to ask for help. Keeping a whistle can help in such situations that you can blow when in need. The priority is to prevent further damages to the body. Be careful, inform the crew and await rescue. Follow the instructions of your crew members.

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