November 8, 2019

Hire a Luxury Yacht in Dubai for an Extraordinary Meeting Experience

Excellent Yachting Opportunities in Dubai
Dubai is one of the most vibrant cities in the world with excellent opportunities for business. The city lying by the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Gulf also offers wonderful luxury yachting experience to its diverse clients from every sector and also the sailing enthusiasts. The city has some of the best yacht rental companies offering a huge collection of speed boats and luxury yachts along with the World Islands, Dubai Marina, towards the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and more. The yacht rentals companies here offer yacht chartering services that start with a minimum of 2 people charter cruises to up to 40 people yachting cruise too. So, whether you are looking for a peaceful escape or an enthralling one with your friends with fun-filled activities or planning an extraordinary meeting experience with your team, Dubai yacht companies are equipped to organize a customised package that will start from 2 hours to several weeks.

Corporate Meetings in Luxury Yachts
There are several reasons that these days even companies are approaching yacht companies to arrange corporate get-togethers and some very crucial team meetings or even meetings with clients on yachts. It is an exceptional experience and peaceful atmosphere amidst lively surroundings that is encouraging many companies to book meetings in yachts that help them in offering their employees, partners, and clients with excellent yachting experiences while discussing crucial business plans. Their purpose is to create a motivating and inspiring atmosphere that is very necessary for business meetings.

Some of the Reasons That Meeting Planners Love Yachting
1. Facilities
Space is a big concern for many meeting planners. And these luxury yachts most splendid when it comes to space. So, many planners find a meeting in yachts can be a great option. There are no room rentals, you can get rooms customised for the meeting if there are fewer people, you can also choose to meet in the lounge area. Yachts have got both audio, video and other facilities to make meetings an unforgettable experience.

2. Ready Meals
When you book a venue for meetings or even arrange it in your own office premise you will have to plan for meals of the attendees. The meal quality should be of the best quality as that is something that reflects on your image. However, if you book a yacht for a meeting then you don’t have to worry about all that. Yacht tours come along with full complimentary menus. Yachts also have options for special diets and restricted meals. Moreover, you can also choose your venues where you want your yacht to sail.

The crew members are well-trained, more skilled than banquet and other venue staff and always at your service. According to the demands made, you can also order wines and other drinks that your guests might want to have during the cruise.

3. Recreational Activities
If you and your guests are fun-loving people and love to enjoy time in health clubs and spas, then some yachts do offer such services too. You will have to tell the yachting companies about your requirements in advance while booking.

Moreover, there are several complimentary entertainment options arranged in the evening for the guests like night shows, live music concerts, kids’ programs and even some group games that help in team-building activities.

The yachts are decorated as per the theme of the event. So, you need not worry about the decorations. You get all the facilities like décor, lighting, music and everything else to make your meetings successful and enjoyable too.

4. Safety and Security
Yachts are very safe when safe and security is the main concern. So, you do not need to worry about that. The yacht rental companies offer excellent security services for the safety of their guests. All your luggage and documents are checked before allowing you into the yachts. The security is far tighter than what you see elsewhere.

Who to Book for an Amazing Meeting Experience in a Luxury Yacht?
Amongst many top yacht rental companies in Dubai, Royal Yachts is one of the choicest yacht rental companies offering the most fascinating experience to the meeting planners and their guests. Their services and their professionalism are worth praising. They have a wide selection of yachts with an assortment of brilliant services. You get all the above service and even more when you book with Royal Yachts.

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