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The yachts are perfectly maintained, spacious, and fully furnished with all essentials, keeping the comfort and luxury of the guests in mind. There are luxury cabins where you can relax or sleep, attached toilets and shower options, full running kitchen serving ala carte menu and barbeque, dining space, refrigerators, a salon, a lobby area where people can sit and spend a good time, cockpit to sit and party, and more. Televisions, music, indoor games, movies, and many more entertainment facilities too are available. For those looking for water sports, the yachts do carry water sports gear. So, anything that you would need during your journey is made available for you. Get more details about luxury yacht rental.

Every sailing destination has its peak and off-seasons. While in the Caribbean, it is winter, and in Europe, it is summer and, in Asian countries, you will find people sailing almost the entire year. Moreover, you should be careful about the weather condition of the place where you have sailing plans.

You can book your yachts for as long as you want.

Yes, you can. Tell us in advance about your yacht party and the number of guests you are inviting, and we will make sure that we make all arrangements ready for you on time on the yacht.

Yes, you can. Let us know your requirements, and we will arrange your honeymoon trip accordingly.

All our yachts have their chefs and kitchen staff. You will have to tell your choices beforehand while making your booking so that we keep the necessary items according to your menu before the sailing starts. You can ask for whatever you wish to have on board, and our chefs will be more than happy to prepare it for you.

Yes, you can, but only if we are in a position to extend your tour, which is possible on the availability of your charter. Make sure you discuss this possibility with our team while booking your charter. You can make payments before the tour starts or while on board with the captain.

Every yacht is registered with the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) and possesses all necessary public and private liability insurances.

Yachts are safe and well-maintained by us. We ensure that all pandemic protocols are followed daily, and proper hygiene is maintained in every corner of the yachts.

Travel to any place of your choice where the pandemic is in control. Or travel to a place where you can keep yourself safe. You will need to follow all safety protocols wherever you visit but avoid going to crowded places.

Yachts are safe and well-maintained by us. We ensure that all pandemic protocols are follIf you are travelling with your family and close friends who are keeping well and maintaining all protocols, there is nothing much to worry about. Still, if you want to be extra careful, you must regularly disinfect your boat as they might temporarily house the COVID-19 virus. Follow CDC recommendations to disinfect and sanitise. Use EPA-approved disinfectants to disinfect surfaces. Be cautious that disinfectants like bleach and acid can harm the surface of yachts. In addition, a chemical disinfectant can damage or lead to discolouration of the surfaces. So, give your boat a proper wash-down after using disinfectant or ensure you are using chemical-free disinfectants. The main idea is to keep your boat clean and clutter-free and your surroundings hygienic. owed daily, and proper hygiene is maintained in every corner of the yachts.

Yes, it is. You are in the middle of a vast ocean, away from the busy and bustling city life in pure isolation. There are limited people onboard, and there are no guests. You are travelling with people you share your home with. However, you must be careful while loading and fueling at marinas. Maintain a safe distance from everyone.

Carry everything that you would carry usually. Additionally, keep your masks and sanitisers handy. Many countries may not allow you without Covid -ve test reports. So, make sure you are carrying all the necessary documents as per the need.

Bank transfer is the best option for payment. However, we are open to credit card and cash payments too. For credit card payments, there is an extra charge that you will have to pay.

No, there is no hidden charge. Whatever rate is mentioned to you during the time of the booking is the final rate.

Yes, you can. Contact us as soon as possible for the same.

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