February 4, 2020

Experience Everything Dubai Has to Offer

Dubai, crowned as the best city in the world for business travel is also amongst the choicest destinations for international travellers for the wide array of opportunities it opens to the world. The city has grabbed the attention of most avid travellers who love to explore a place with a multitude of choices, allowing endless opportunities for vacationers with a wide range of interests. Rarely can you find a destination like Dubai that can offer you a combination of sand, sea, and solitude amidst luxury in abundance and everything ideally designed to meet the diverse expectation from people coming from everywhere? 

 Let’s try to understand Dubai on this post and find out what can be discovered here.

 Top Attractions

From Dubai Creeks to Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa to Dubai Underwater Zoo, Adventure Waterpark and Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai has got too many things to explore in one go. Each place is a complete package in itself. Pick any one spot and you will need at least one day to explore it properly and enjoy each and everything in detail. The places are so impressively designed that unless you spend at least a day, you won’t be able to get the real feel of the style, elegance, and opulence they carry. You will need some time to let the ambience of each of the spots sink in so that you can say with much satisfaction, ‘yes you have been there and done that’. 

Dubai is not just about skyscrapers; it is also about the style and uniqueness each of its skyscrapers wears that you will find very distinct and enchanting in every place you go. The charm, the glamour, and the sophistication, everything is so well marinated in the landscape and culture of the Dubai that once you reach there, you will be immersed in a pure trance.    

Adventures and Thrillers

When in Dubai, be like a Dubaian, lively, exciting and engrossed. Yes, Dubai has many opportunities for adrenaline junkies craving for activities full of adventure, thrillers, and excitement. You go anywhere and you have something to delight you. Whether be it, dune safari, quad bike ride, sun-boarding or desert safari, camel ride or skydiving, hot-air balloon rides or speedboat rides near Atlantis or Palm Jumeirah, the inventory is so vast that one cannot afford to experience them all in one visit. You will have to come repeatedly to Dubai to experience the thrillers that would add more fun and excitement to your vacations.  

Fun, Food and Frolic

Though no part of Dubai is kept bereft of these three ‘Fs’, yet if you wish to enjoy it in excess then places like the Global Village, Dubai Mall, the Dhow Cruise can take you to a different world altogether. Dubai has got countless options for fun, food, and frolic lovers. Every step you take, you get something to rejoice and revel in your personal space. You have options to convert your adventurous activities to a simpler fun-filled activity combined with gourmet cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.  

Celebrate in Abundance

Dubai is a fun lover lovers’ paradise. The options are not just numerous but each one is different from the other. Each place offers something exceptional. If you look at the whole picture, you will find the entire city is a party venue, you will just have to pick your choicest activity to engage to revel in its magnificence. You want to play, you play, you want to dance, you dance, you want to eat and drink, you can do that, you simply want to break a conversation with a stranger, you are most welcome, or simply wish to stroll around, none can stop you.  

A city abundant of places of revelry, Dubai has become the most preferred city in the world for party lovers. Choose your venue from 7-star hotels, to a luxury yacht floating in the Persian Gulf, or go for a night out in the Sand Dunes or simply book a dinner cruise in the lavishly designed dhow boats, or spend an evening in the Kite Beach, you will be spoilt for choices here. The Madinat Jumeirah is one of the largest resorts in the Emirates with a wide inventory of party options. Little up-market, but then the place is worth visiting, offering an array of options from children’s park, private beach, several world-class restaurants, ballrooms, fitness clubs, theatre rooms, an amphitheatre, and a turtle sanctuary as well. And if you wish to make it big for your loved ones then pick the 21st century’s architectural marvel Burj Khalifa to make your party the most treasured one.  

Romantic Break

Live the high life with your better half, make the vacation dreamier than your partner has ever imagined. The city is all yours, you have a medley of options to make the special moments extra special. Places, things to do, activities to indulge in, palatable cuisines to relish, the luxury, the elegance, the style and sophistication, each and everything just made magical for the two of you. Relax, play, eat, sing, dance or simply loiter around, Dubai has everything wonderfully planned for the ultimate romantic vacations. Places are unlimited, and so are the things to do and see. From venturing in Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, wandering in Miracle Garden, to capturing some memories near Dubai Fountains, riding 90 min speedboats together flattering the Dubai’s intriguing skylines, to spending some quality time in exquisite beach resorts, and the luxury villas that redefine hospitality, towards the end take a walk in Dubai’s sprawling Glow Garden and finally stop by some souks and get some memorabilia for your most memorable trip. And after all this, a lot is yet to be experienced.  

 Indulge in Luxury

The restriction does not suit Dubai. Unless you go big and indulge in excesses you won’t be able to do justice on your trip to Dubai. Supersized hotels, premium restaurants, extravagant malls, electrifying amusement parks, soothing shoreline, absorbing dunes, baffling aquariums, designer cars, and classy luxury yachts, all at your service to make your Dubai trip the most magnificent one.  

If you love to sip on some exotic drink or two, then Dubai has some of the finest lounges and bars at Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai that makes some bravest mixes supported by fresh snacks of your choice accompanied by lights and a soundtrack from various musical hits. 

If you have fancy for exploring different cuisines from across geographical boundaries then Dubai is the right place for you. You get everything within. From restaurants perched in city’s ubiquitous skyscrapers hotels to some low-rise places with a world-class design offering swanky service along with options to indulge in complete luxury. Be it near Jumeirah Bay or near Atlantis or Dubai Creek, your craving for exotic dishes from across the world will surely find a place. Moreover, if you choose to plan a dhow cruise dinner, or a luxury yacht dinner amidst all the glitz and glamour of the city, then nothing can beat the style and opulence there.  

Just naming a few restaurants here would be doing injustice with others in the top range and range is too extensive. However, Dubai has restaurants in all categories to suit every palate and budget. You have the option to pick from revolving restaurants, to beachside resorts to some perched on the top of towering skyscrapers or some with spectacular views of the Persian Gulf.  

Beat the Heat by the Beach Sides

If you are still unaware of the beach options in Dubai then here, we will share some of the most appealing beaches of Dubai to make your vacation in Dubai the most fulfilling one. From Kite Beach, Sunset Beach, to Le Mer, Black Palace, and Al Mamzar Beach Park, each one is gifted to enrich your vacationing experience in Dubai. Apart from laying around and soaking under the sun, the beaches here are favourites with families and friends gathering too. There are plenty of aqua and non-aqua activities to indulge in. One can experience water-sports, sea-surfing, banana boating, camel rides and more. Moreover, the beachside destination in Dubai has a lot to offer from standout boutiques to extravagant restaurants and cafes to keep you engaged all through the day.  

Finally, Stop for Shopping

If you have money to burn, then no place can be better than Dubai. A perfect paradise for the shopping enthusiasts, Dubai presents a mix of high-priced venues as well as more affordable options to cater to every taste and budget.  

Starting from The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Wafi Mall, Deira Gold Souk, to Bur Dubai Souk, Global Village, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Burjuman Centre and Al Fahidi Street and Karama Shopping Complex, each one has something unique to offer. Whether you plan to buy any souvenir or not, explore the city’s most souks and haggles to get the best purchase at the most unbelievable price. 

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