October 9, 2020

Enwrap Your Emotions as You Cruise Through the Azure Blue Water of Dubai

Aren’t sailing and boats an exciting affair? The variety of experiences, the exotic destinations, serene days with gentle winds or rough sea with tough weather, and all of it while you steer your luxury yacht to take maximum advantage of your dream destinations. But the first big question is when would be the right time to do so? Or which one is the right destination to start your dream trip? Whether you choose to cruise with your family or friends, you will love to enwrap every emotion as you are on the mission to sail across the world full-time. It does not matter if you are an avid sailing enthusiast, or just a beginner or somebody who takes interest in travelling through some of the most stunning sailing destinations, the coasts that you touch while sailing across waters will capture your imaginations and leave your enthralled forever.

However, all said and done, what is the right destination choice and when is the right time to visit it and whom to hire for that most memorable yachting experience?

Dubai – The Sailing Destination with Countless Choices

A city with endless opportunities, Dubai, once a tiny port city, has managed to evolve as one of the major sailing destinations in the world. Amongst the top business hubs today, the city stuns its visitors with its architectural wonders, each one standing tall all along the vast stretches of the Persian Gulf, making it home to some of the world’s finest yacht companies.

When it comes to sailing in luxury and style amidst the shimmering surroundings in complete extravagance, it does not stop to mesmerise you…!

From motorboats to private luxury yachts, Dubai has it all for its guests with different yachting possibilities. This port city has a myriad of options for its tourists, be it adventure or leisure sailing tours. You can choose from the very intimate private settings to fun-filled group outings, with yacht rental in Dubai packages ranging from a complete splurge to the very pocket-friendly ones. Small boats to megayachts, you get a wide variety with exceptional packages as per your choice and budget. Grab an opportunity to spoil your loved ones, as you explore the shores of your choicest destination that is Dubai.

Pick some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks, choose your tour time at your leisure, and let yourself and your loved ones be transported to another time as you gush through the crystal-clear water, savouring the skylines of this liveliest city in the world.

Whether in the morning to soak some Vitamin D or the evening to view the sun diving deep into the huge ocean in the western horizon, or during the night party as the city skyline dazzles in all its splendour, Dubai has the potential to keep you occupied through its wide spectrum of exceptionally designed yacht rental tours.

Whatever site you pick, each one will be a visual treat – right from Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, to Atlantic, or Blue Water Island and the Dubai Eye, not to miss Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. As you cruise through these famous landmarks in pure luxury, you will have the option to enjoy an array of local and international cuisines. You can also join in traditional local dances during the trip, and the wide selection of music adds to the already charged atmosphere. Mingling with the locals will give you an insight into the culture and lifestyle of Dubai, which is mostly cosmopolitan, something that makes even a first-timer feel at home.

Time to Visit Dubai for Yachting

Dubai with its desert climate has year-round sunshine and hot temperatures, and very little rain. November to March are the best months to visit the city. However, when you are planning for a yacht rental tour, you must first approach a yachting company that can help you pick the right time for the tour.

Hire a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

While you get small motorboats for short pleasure trips, the bigger ones are perfect for day-long yacht parties, family gatherings, corporate events and friend’s night out. Luxury yachts or speed boats, each one can be perfected for the occasion you hire them. The yacht companies in Dubai can offer you a complete package with sightseeing trips in and around Dubai along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, as per the plans your make. You can also opt for several action-filled adventurous activities. Buy the plan that best suits your occasion and budget. Dubai has yachts and boats for every occasion and every pocket. You will only have to find the right yacht rental company that can understand your requirements and expectations and design a plan that can make your Dubai yacht rental tour the most memorable one.

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