June 21, 2021

Dubai is the Best Destination for Exciting Water Sports Activities

Dubai has got immense scope for its guests coming from everywhere. And when it comes to experiencing a luxury yacht tour on the water, there could be no better choice than the Dubai seaside.

Apart from relaxing in your luxury yacht as the gentle breeze strokes you now and then, you can engage in water sports activities for optimal fun. Once you are out in the water, water sports are not an unusual affair. Fact is, as you become acquainted with the clear crystal water and the near-perfect weather, you won’t be able to resist and look for options to make your tour a perfect escape. Almost all yacht rental companies offer all types of activities to choose from, but you must be careful while choosing to avail of the best services for the ultimate experience.

What to Look for While Booking a Luxury Yacht for Water Sports?

Primarily, look for companies and yachts that are renowned in the market. Ensure the yacht that you book is equipped with all equipment you may need for your watersports and other fun-filled activities. Do check for stuff related to wind and water activities, and also for sailboats on the sail.


What is the Best Time for Water Sports in Dubai?

Dubai winters are the best time for fun-packed water-sports activities. As the temperature goes down during the winters with the absence of the scorching sun, there could be no better time to engage in your surfing skills and play around with water to get the adrenaline rushing with exciting sports in the ocean. You can engage in kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, or paddleboarding, or try your hand at sea surfing as you float on the small waves. Also, do not miss all the wide variety of sailboat activities. Take a sailboat and cruise along the coast of Dubai to view the city from the sea. And when you get a chance to view the city, from the sea in complete isolation, it is a bonus with no traffic around! If you are taking your family and friends along, choose to splurge a little extra and engage in group activities like windsurfing and wakeboarding. You need to plan your trip and dive into the deep blue sea, the options are endless, and each one can thrill you to the maximum.

Watersport Activities to Engage in a Yacht

Dubai is more than just shopping, dining, nightlife, restaurants, and sky-kissing world-renowned buildings. The long stretched coastline of the United Arab Emirates opening to the Arabian Sea offers a tremendous opportunity for fun, entertainment, indulgence, and relaxation. As you choose to escape to the sea for a fun-filled break in your luxuriously built, well-equipped yacht, there is always time for some fun under the sun with a perfect combination of water sports and experiencing nature at its best. The experience will ensure some great captures for your Instagram and an opportunity to soak under the sun. A yacht rental in Dubai will allow you to indulge in everything for a perfect holiday.

Here are some water-sports activities you can experience while on your yacht rental trip to Dubai:-

  • Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is quite popular with adventure enthusiasts. You need to stand in an upright position on your paddleboard, using one paddle to navigate your way through the water, taking the best glimpse of the ocean and its creatures. It is one of the most invigorating water activities you will love to indulge in.

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  • Zup Boarding

If you are an adrenaline freak, zup-board is the thing for you. Zup-board is connected to a boat, and you will either stand on it, lying down, or kneel on it. You will need to learn all the tricks of the craft and also learn to balance. Ensure you wear a safety vest when trying the zup-board to protect yourself from any unnecessary accidents.

  • Jet-Ski

A jet-ski is a two-seater water device with a powerful engine for the ultimate thrill. A perfect activity to engage in and stimulate your senses to the maximum. You will be guided by an instructor who shows the required driving skills for the jet-ski. You and your partner can experience an action-filled season on your own.


  • Jetpack Session

You cannot walk on water, but a jetpack session can make you float above it. In the jetpack session, fuel and liquid oxygen are mixed. The atmospheric oxygen is not allowed to interfere in this. This combination of fuel and liquid oxygen becomes very hot, and when it is discharged downwards, it builds an upward thrust. This way, the person holding the jetpack will be tossed upwards into the open air. It keeps you in the air for 30 seconds, and then you fall into the ocean. It is one of the most stimulating and adventurous water sports activities you must not miss; if you love to play with the water.


Lying by the Persian Gulf, the geography of Dubai is perfect for all types of water sports activities. Moreover, the luxury yacht rentals make the trip even more vivid and electrifying. If you are searching for a destination that is a combination of luxury, comfort, fun, and adventure, Dubai is the place you would love to experience the most.

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