March 7, 2022

Different Types of Yachts to Meet Your Different Yachting Needs

Many of us are not aware of the various yacht categories and get confused about what each one means. This blog has tried to explain the variety of yachts we possess in our inventory. Here are stylish vessels suitably designed for fun-loving people who crave luxury, excitement, adventure and good vacation time with family and friends.

Express Cruise

Call them express motor yacht or express cruiser; the terms describe the yachts with a single deck above the hull and accommodation facilities below. These vessels look sporty and are sleek in design like a sophisticated sports car of the yacht industry.

Fairline Targa 48 Open

Fairline Targa 48 is 15.64-metre long and is perfect for open-air cruising. It gives the feeling of what it is truly like being in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water. It can accommodate up to 16 guests, making it a perfect choice for a group sea ride. It is spacious by design and beautifully equipped for thrilling adventure and unwinding in style. This boat reflects your priorities to all those small details that would delight any sea explorer. Its superior engineering and equipment add up to something very outstanding.

Fairline Targa-48-GT

 Sanlorenzo 62

Sanlorenzo 62 is an 18.90-metre mega yacht by Sanlorenzo. This beautiful vessel exhibits excellent work of engineering and craftsmanship. Its elegant design and light and bright interiors display a stunning look. This express motor yacht or cruise is a complete package with 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms, 1 crew cabin with bathroom, and a complete list of instrumentation, equipment, devices, and electronic tools for onboard navigation and accommodation facilities. Sanlorenzo can cruise at 25 knots, and the top speed is 30 knots, ideal for people seeking speed and adventure.

Sport and Fishing Cruise Yachts

A sport and fishing cruise yachts are powerboats designed for recreational, fishing and other water sports activities. While the sports cruise yachts is an ideal balance between a wide hull and internal space, and optimum performance, fishing boats are designed with a cockpit at the rearmost part of the yacht, with a fitted chair anchored to the deck to which a fishing rod can be fixed.

Fairline Targa 53GT

Targa 53 GT by Fairline covers everything for an enjoyable, fun exploration on the high sea. 16.52-metre long Targa is ideally designed to encourage sailors to come together, pack up and head out for an adventurous break. However, the spacious cockpit of the yacht is perfect for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying. It can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time in its luxuriously crafted ambience. It offers multiple design layout options keeping the varied requirements of sailors in mind.

Fairline Targa 53GT

Falcon C7

The 2.34-metre Falcon C7 is an excellent choice for fishing and day cruising. An elegant looking luxury speed boat, Falcon C7 is versatile with a set of standard equipment and smart options to make your fishing tour the most satisfying one with friends and family. It has high-quality soundproofing in both frame and cabin to ensure the outside noise does not affect your inner peace. It can accommodate 7 guests, making it perfect for group adventure tours.

Flybridge Yachts

Flybridge yachts have an area on the top of the main structure that allows 360-degree views around the vessel. It also has a control station and seating, and relaxing space.

Fairline Squadron 53

Fairline Squadron 53 is a 16.92-metre masterpiece and a true example of bold and striking beauty. With Alberto Mancini’s strategic vision and Fairline’s lineage, the boat has all the elements to make heads turn. It can accommodate up to 16 guests and is perfect for a vacation with family and friends.

The interiors and exteriors of this superyacht exhibit luxury and style, ideal for luxury and comfort seekers. The yacht is designed with a spacious cockpit and private foredeck seating space. In addition, it has a spacious flybridge to add to its exquisite setup with subtle illumination. The boat’s distinguished appearance ensures an unrivalled appeal and is suitable for charters worldwide.

Azimut 78 Flybridge

This Italian built Azimut 78 Flybridge is a well-maintained and spacious luxury mega yacht stretching to 23.70-metre. With more than 1200 engine hours, it is a superb option to make your trip the most fulfilling one. It can accommodate up to 8 guests in its 4 ensuite accommodation and 3 crew in its 2 crew cabins. The mega yacht features everything you may need for an extravagant yacht tour. It also has a fantastic flybridge, one of the largest flybridges for a vessel in its category, equipped with a wet bar, a BBQ and an icemaker, combined with large dining for 10 people and sun pads.


TriDeck Mega Yachts

As the name suggests, these are vessels with three levels of decks. Tri-deck mega yachts offer an ample amount of space. These vessels are most popular with owners who wish for voluminous space while sailing. In addition, the vast area makes them perfect for group yacht charters.

Wild Whale

Wild Whale is a 36-metre long motor mega yacht built by Hatteras Yachts in the USA. Previously known as Delicious, Lady BJ, Wild Whale has a sophisticated exterior designed by Jack Hargrave; and a lovely interior is done by Hatteras Yachts. The 226 Gross Tonnage mega yacht can accommodate 8 guests and 4 crew members and is the ideal choice for people seeking to spend some good time in complete comfort and luxury.


Stretching as 38-metre, the Phoenix by Sanlorenzo was built in 2012 first and then refitted in 2019. One of the most desirable yachts in its category, Phoenix can accommodate 12 guests in its 5 suites, ideal for comfortable cruising with family and close friends. This yacht with 3 decks offers a vast space for relaxing with family and friends and socialising in corporate events. Whichever corner of the vessel you choose, be it its salon or the hot tub on the sundeck, enjoyment is assured. It has a beautiful sun deck with a hot tub, bar and plenty of space for sunbathing.

Speed Motor Boats

Powerboats also denoted as a motorboat or speedboats are powered by an engine. Usually, these boats are comparatively smaller in size but are perfect for a thrilling high-speed cruise with a small group of friends.

Bella 700 Patrol

The 6.65-metre Bella 700 Patrol by Bella Boat is one of the top speed motors boats to make your high speed cruising memorable. With all the modern-day features, this boat is has a strong, robust frame to ensure effortless gliding and balanced movement even in harsh conditions. In addition, the boat has large windows to give excellent visibility and make your ride a smooth and treasured experience. It can accommodate up to 8 guests.

Fairline F-line 33

Fairline F-line 33 is a 9.99-metre long majestic express yacht that can accommodate up to 10 guests at a time. It is a superb blend of flawless Italian styling and Fairline brand lineage. F-line 33 is amazingly designed and featured with all the luxuries to make your tour truly accomplished. The gorgeous vessel has become the hot topic in the industry for its excellent speed and comfort, making it ideal for cruise rides. It is beautifully modelled, portraying Alberto Mancini’s intelligent design with luxurious, relaxing space all through. Its advanced instrumentations and stunning features make it ready for just anything.