West Mediterranean

Western Mediterranean is a land of countless opportunities for those who want to enjoy plenty of shopping, history, drinking and the most delicious food. The region is the busiest motor yacht destination with all the needed resources for your immense shore-based fun. The most prefered destination for yachting, Western Mediterranean has some of the best restaurants, clubs, bars and casinos on the planet studded with ancient ports and impressive architectural wonders. From fascinating Ibiza to Costa Smeralda, the West Mediterranean is embedded with the most attractive destinations. Every destination here satisfies almost any appetite, be it history and culture, food, fashion, glamour, and style.

Western Mediterranean locations are unrivalled in their natural beauty, cultural heritage, enthusiasm, and style. This part of the world has always been historically significant. With the crystal clear emerald waters and spectacular views dotting the coastline, it remains a treat for visitors’ eyes. It combines rich culture, history, elegance, a remarkable and untamed extravagance of the famous Mediterranean lifestyle.

French Riviera

French Riviera includes some of the most glitzy cities – Cannes, Marseille, Monaco, Nice, Bordeaux and more. One simple word to describe the captivating coastline of France is – Magnificent! A hub of style, sophistication, elegance, and excitement, the French Riviera is the fascinating yacht rental destination in the Western Mediterranean.

French Riviera Yachting


The Italian Tuscan archipelago is home to seven unspoiled islands which offer breathtaking views, romantic coastlines and several ancient ports. Naples in Italy is the yacht charter hub of southern Italy.



It is also the gateway to Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi and the Isle of Capri are popular yacht destinations and exhibit some of the most magnificent coastlines in the entire Western Mediterranean.