East Mediterranean

The East Mediterranean is a perfect blend of picturesque islands, fascinating historical sites, beauty, and endless possibilities. The deep blue waters serve as an ideal ground for water sports, adventure and leisure activities. The charming wonders of ancient Rome, Greece, and Turkey right on the coast are unmatched in natural beauty and diverse cultures. Each location here offers something new and equally fascinating. With a range of fascinating historical sites, the region is one of the most scenic cruising grounds to escape to.

A luxury yacht charter to this place is hard to be beaten by a trip to any other place on the entire planet. So start sailing from the North-Western part of the Eastern Mediterranean, at Venice, and cruise to the South Eastern parts for a perfect vacation with family or friends.


Venice is amongst the most iconic cities of Italy. Surrounded by water, it is an ideal destination to embark on an Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter tour. A yacht vacation can make your experience in this classic Eastern Mediterranean city the most memorable one. Sail down the Grand Canal and take a glimpse of the fascinating gondoliers, brilliant renaissance architecture and narrow cobbled streets of this most romantic city in the world.

Venice yachting


Croatian coastline makes for a beautiful bareboat yacht charter tour. With its calm winds and turquoise waters, the Croatian coast is still bustling with sea life and full of fish, unlike other Eastern Mediterranean destinations. Ancient and intriguing, you will experience some of the most enchanting views of the world. With various stunning islands, bays and beaches, you can easily find a spot with a little bit of privacy and some striking embankments. Some of the places to see in Croatia include – Pula, Opatija, Hvar, Krk, Split, and Dubrovnik.


Greece is one of the most famous yachting destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. First, sail to Corfu, in the Ionian Sea, the fascinating place and then move to other known sites like Cephalonia, Paxos, Zakynthos for an unforgettable trip. The 4 main yachting areas in Greece are – The Ionian Islands, The Aegean & Sporades, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese.

Greece Yachting Destination


Turkey is another most travelled destination for an enjoyable yacht charter vacation in the Eastern Mediterranean. It has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean region, Eastern or Western. Discover the endless number of appealing anchorages and make your yacht rental tour to Turkey the most cherishing one.

Turkey Yachting


You will get an opportunity to explore the ancient ruins and archaeological sites, including Greek cities, lost Roman harbours and crusader castles. Turkey has a wealth of culture, history and historical place reflecting a glorious past and melting points between Asia and Europe.