December 14, 2019

Countdown to New Year 2020 in Dubai – Celebrate in Style

By now almost everyone knows that Dubai is one of the choicest destinations around the world for the New Year celebration every year. Hence, the scene at Dubai during this time around is intriguing with full of music, sounds, lights, an array of fine dining options, fireworks, shopping mall jam-packed with shopaholics, travel enthusiasts trying to make the maximum out of their trip, festivity lovers looking for venues that are all set for the New year celebrations and more.

This is the time of the year, when the entire world seeks some time out for themselves and their families or some plans vacation retreats with their friends and loved ones, hoping to start the new year with freshness and great expectations.

Ring in New Year 2020 in Style
As the New Year approaches, people start planning how to ring in the new year. If you have plans to come to Dubai for the New Year 2020 celebrations then you can have infinite options to choose from to make your celebration an occasion to treasure all your life.

The New Year 2020 is approaching and it is time to make your plans on how you would like to ring in 2020 in Dubai with great fun and entertainment. As you bid farewell to 2019 with great contentment, you have big dreams waiting for you to realise them. Dubai with loads of party venues, finest gourmet options, fireworks, crowded clubs, music, and dance events, and other celebration choices are perfectly ready to welcome the new year in style with full of fun and entertainment.

Here we will try to help you with the list of favourite events that would be taking place in various parts of Dubai during New Years’ Eve. Options available would suit all pocket sizes, so whether you are planning an extravagant party or a budget one, Dubai fulfils every demand.

Dubai New Year 2020: Places, Venus, Activities, Fun, Food and Full Entertainment

If you have planned your New Year 2020 vacation and partying in Dubai then here are some options for you that you can plan out to make your celebration more fun-filled.

1. New Year Parties in Dubai
Dubai is amongst the leading venues in the world for New Year parties for the electrifying atmosphere it provides to its guests. From celebrity performances, celebrity hosts, to fireworks, gourmet food, most advanced amenities, excellently equipped venues, Dubai is unbeatable when it comes to arranging for the New Year celebration. So, if you have decided to come to Dubai for the New Year celebration then you will become witness to one of the craziest new year celebrations of your lifetime.

Choose from popular beach destinations for this most exciting day of the year. Mina Seyahi, Nasimi Beach, Barasti Beach Bar at the Le Meridien, Sandance Beach at the Atlantis, the Atlantis on the Palm are few names as fabulous places for a new year celebration in Dubai.

2. New Year’s Eve Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai
If you haven’t experienced the Dhow dinner cruise in Dubai then you haven’t experienced Dubai fully yet. It is one of the most romantic and amazing experiences one can indulge in Dubai during New Years’ Eve. The whole experience is an out of the world affair in which you cruise along the Dubai creek on a brilliantly decorated and lit dhow while enjoying the fireworks and relishing on a scrumptious meal. You will have a midnight cake, champagne, all ready for you. The night sky along with the fantastic fireworks will brighten the occasion for you. A must experience option for you on New Years’ Eve.

3. Dubai Opera
Dubai Opera is all set to immerse you in the New Year party ambience. This is the ultimate venue for the celebration and will leave awestruck for the liveliest atmosphere and arrangements that you may not find elsewhere in such a systematized way. Be prepared to be a witness to the concert of Chinua Hawk Band around 7 PM if you in Dubai for the New Year 2020 celebration. You would also get to enjoy the live playing of renowned DJ Said Mrad and DJ C. If you have are a big concert and DJ music fan then this is the most desirable venue for you. We suggest you book your tickets in advance so that you do not miss out due to a heavy rush for the shows. You will surely love the whole atmosphere amidst the soothing to hear music as you ring 2020.

4. Zero Gravity Party
This is the venue for the mad party lovers. If you have planned to make this new year 2020 celebration the most happening time of your life then no venue or activity can beat Zero Gravity Party in Dubai. For being the most favourite destinations for the party lovers, this place resonates with fireworks, appetizing food options, groovy numbers from DJ Sigala and more. The place is so lively and perfect for the occasion that once you visit you may not like to visit any other place during New Years’ Eve.

5. Beach Parties on New Year’s Eve
Choose from one of the public beaches at Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residences to make the occasion most entertaining. You can head with your family or friends to celebrate the New Year 2020. The place echoes with the latest numbers from the music industry, dance, fireworks and more. There cannot be a much better venue than these in Dubai if you wish to ring in 2020 in style. Fully crowded during New year’s time, you are advised to reserve your place by coming early.

6. Desert Safari
Many vacationers love to head towards the deserts in Dubai and enjoy a fun-filled desert safari. Desert safari in Dubai during New Years’ Eve is one of the most exciting activities one can indulge in. Starting from dune bashing to sunset views to some of the most memorable evening activities like belly dancing, buffet, and henna painting, Dubai deserts does not fail to entertain you during the New Year celebration time.

7. Burj Khalifa fireworks in Dubai
This is one of the most appealing ones in Dubai as it can be seen from all the parts of the city. One of the tallest skyscrapers across the world, Burj Khalifa stands tall in pride exhibiting the most electrifying fireworks during the New Years’ Eve. This year too if you wish to ring in 2020 by viewing the fireworks in Burj Khalifa then come to Dubai and see it to believe it. You can see the Burj Khalifa fireworks from Burj Khalifa Fountain, Souk al Bahar, Jumeirah Beach, and Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

8. Celebrating New Year in Luxury Yachts in Dubai
This is the most extravagant way to ring in 2020 for luxury seekers. Yacht rental in Dubai has become a very popular activity during New Years’ Eve for the last few years. People are increasingly opting for yachting tours, private yacht parties and luxury yacht tours in and around Dubai to make their celebration the most fulfilling one. Recognised as the most lavish venue for partying to welcome the New Year, most of the yacht companies these days attract yacht lovers with their most enticing new year yachting packages. The yachts are fully equipped with all amenities and facilities for the occasion. You also get gourmet food, round the clock services, fireworks, drinks, and everything that you may wish to have.

Make the Most Out of Everything in Dubai
Do not delay further. Grab the best deal of your life to ring in 2020 in style. Start planning for the biggest night out of the year 2019. Bid farewell to 2019 with grace and welcome 2020 with hopes and big dreams. There is nothing to worry about when you are in Dubai. Every bit of Dubai is decorated perfectly to add a dash of excitement to the occasion. The food, the fireworks, the shopping malls, the venues, the beaches, the desert sites, the seashores, everything is well presented to make your New Year 2020 celebration one of its kinds.

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