May 16, 2022

Capture the Magnificent Skyline of Dubai from the Sea

Dubai’s skyline has significantly grown in the last two decades, and it continues to grow and attract people from every corner of the world. From just a small port city, today this emirate of the United Arab Emirates has turned into one of the top few most magnificent cities in the world with a spectacular skyline. Dubai, today, is home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest shopping centre, and the world’s largest fountain. And to capture the best view of these structures, you will have to get in the middle of the sea.

yacht rental Dubai

Dubai is Like a Jewel Floating on the Vast Ocean 

The glimpse of the skyscrapers dotting the coasts of Dubai from the middle of the sea is breathtaking, giving it the appearance of an ornament studded with shimmering precious jewels floating on the sea. If you are in Dubai and want to capture the captivating shorelines of the Arabian Sea decked by tall sky kissing towers, take a luxury yacht charter tour. Dubai is framed by the aquamarine waves of the Arabian Gulf, allowing an immense opportunity for yacht riders to have a picture-perfect view of the spectacular Dubai.

A Perfect Sight to Behold Onboard a Luxury Yacht Charter 

With close to 200 fully completed skyscrapers of over 150 metres and 50 more under construction across the city, Dubai today is one of the top 5 cities in the world with the most number of skyscrapers. These mighty giants are constantly adding to the Dubai skylines, creating an atmosphere, that certainly cannot be missed on your Dubai visit. Along with the most visited and photographed Burj Khalifa, there are dozens of other existing towers; and dozens that are under construction. The sky like this vibrant city of UAE is undoubtedly a sight to capture. And what could be better than a yacht charter offering a panoramic view!

Why Witnessing Dubai Skyline Onboard a Yacht Cruise is a Perfect Choice? 

In addition to sky kissing glittering towers and extravagantly built mighty structures, yacht charters provide an excellent opportunity to witness underwater marine life. You can spot dolphins and sharks, cruise to the uniquely designed Palm Islands, and capture the mesmerizing sunset in the evening.

Dubai yacht charter cruise is a complete package in itself, as you get to experience a mixed bag of fun-filled activities combined with a wonderful view of Dubai’s stunning skyline.

Places You Should Not Miss 

Dubai’s story of growth will remain incomplete without eulogising its magnificent skyline. Today, Dubai has bloomed as one of the most sought after destinations for fun, luxury, and indulgence. Its emerging luxury towers and sprawling malls have transformed the city into an unparalleled world-class destination.

The beautiful artificial island of Jumeirah is home to some of the world’s richest people. It also has bars, beach clubs, luxury hotels and apartment towers, and a plethora of restaurants serving international cuisine.

Other iconic landmarks around the Arabian Gulf are the world’s largest observation wheel (Ain Dubai), the Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, The Dubai Marina and the newest on the list, the Dubai Canal. Starting from viewing the most spectacular skyscrapers onboard luxury yacht charters to getting acquainted with the marine life, and viewing the sun diving into the ocean to enjoying some of the best international cuisines onboard, your yacht charter tour in Dubai will be a treasured moment.

Whether you plan a romantic cruise, a family cruise with kids, a friends reunion or a corporate event, yachts are the most preferred venue these days; for the abundant privacy, luxury and flexibility offered.