Yacht Charter Dubai

Treat yourself to the unlimited options of a private luxury yacht, mega yacht and superyacht chartering to the destination of your choice and fantasy. You will love every bit of style, extravagance, luxury, and thrill that you will experience during your yacht charter Dubai. Pick your luxury yacht charter or yacht rental packages to make the maximum out of your leisure time break. Sail to the Caribbean, explore the Mediterranean, dive in the Indian Ocean, or relax by the long stretches of Dubai’s shorelines to satiate your travel craving. All in a luxuriously designed yacht charter tour.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Royal Yachts –The Foremost Choice Of Many For Yacht Chartering Around The World

If you wish to explore some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world, then nothing can be more fascinating than a luxury yacht charter.

Imagine a 5-star luxury hotel service, offering a luxurious stay, with a ratio of one staff to every guest. Additionally, you are served gourmet cuisine of your choice to satisfy your taste buds. The whole experience is of a resort where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones any time and for as long as you want. You sail to a different location with a completely different feel every day. You choose to decide where and when to go, at your own pace. Find an ideal place where to sit back and relax, undisturbed by strangers and outsiders.

Royal Yachts offers you such an outstanding experience in the Middle East or the Mediterranean. Thanks to our headquarters in Dubai, UAE and a branch office in Italy.

At Royal Yachts, we have designed exclusive private yacht charter and yacht rental packages, knowing our guests’ varied interests and growing demand from everywhere. As you choose to book a luxury yacht charter tour with us, we take all your worries and concerns and ensure your yacht rental trip is hassle-free, successful, and worth every penny.

Our crew members are professionally trained and will cater to your every need onboard. You get the finest hospitality amidst the most royal surroundings. We also have options for the customisation of packages as per your preferences. Let us know your luxury yacht charter in Dubai requirements in advance so that we serve you better.

We at Royal Yachts are always prepared for all types of events, memorable moments, and celebrations in your life. Whether corporate events, birthday parties, cruising with family, fishing with friends, wedding events, anniversary celebration, or simple holidays to lay back and relax with your loved ones, our lavishly designed charter yachts with excellent onboard staff for every occasion are well-equipped to cater to all your demands onboard.

Participation in Chartering Events

We had the opportunity to charter and rental yachts and served at some of the most distinguished events across the world. The events were – F1 Abu Dhabi, Monaco & Singapore, to name a few. The most prestigious one was New Year’s Eve Charter for the UAE, as extremely eminent personalities adorned the occasion with their presence on board.

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