Black Pearl

  • Length
    ( Ft.)
  • Year
  • Location
    Arabian Gulf
  • No. Of Guests
    35 PERSONS
  • No. Of Cabins
    3 Cabins

Black Pearl 85 is a wonderful yacht for those who want to have an authentic experience on board in ambiance and luxury. It has excellent interiors designed for comfort and with fabulous looks. It accommodates up to thirty guests in three staterooms including a master suite and two double cabins.

An icon in her class Black Pearl was built by Dubai Marine in 2007. It is an 85 feet motor yacht with fly bridge, rooms, cabins and suites with plush interiors and ambiance which can beat any boat of its class. A sleek Yacht cruising in the sea like a silvery fish and seemingly sparing no efforts to be a benign host to its esteemed guests, taking care of their every comfort during their stay on board. They can comfortably, sleep listen to music, enjoy live cookery or water sports or simply move to the flybridge on top to enjoy the sea view as well as the coastal landmarks.

It is a classic yacht of its class having everything that an ideal yacht should have. She attracts by it white body, sleek looks like a huge swan but designed aerodynamically to cut through wind and water with least resistance and maximum comfort for its passengers. It cruises at 23 knots, a speed which is neither slow nor too fast but optimum for an enjoyable jerk free ride. The guests on board may hardly feel it’s moving while they are engaged in dining, listening to music or simply sitting in the passenger area on the fly-bridge. Of course, they will know that it is cruising on smoothly on the sea when they peep out of a window of their rooms or look out at the vast expanse of the sea from the passenger area on the deck. Nothing is missing on board what you have in your own home. Yes, for an adventurous addition you are on the sea waves enjoying the sea breeze caressing your face and body sitting comfortably on its fly-bridge.

  • Builder
  • Type
    Motor Yacht
  • Crew
  • per hour
    AED 1800
  • per half day (4hrs)
    AED 7200
  • per full day (8hrs)
    AED 14400
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