March 2, 2019

FAQs about Yacht Rental Dubai

A yacht charter in Dubai has become one of the most sought-after option to spend a quality vacation time with family and friends. Dubai has always attracted tourists from all over the globe due to its sheer luxury and opulence. From world-famous landmarks such as Palm Jumeirah islands to Burj Khalifa, the global city of Dubai has everything. Luxury yacht charters allow tourists to enjoy one-of-a-kind vacation where once the yacht leaves Dubai Marina, the world is your oyster.

However, people tend to have questions regarding hiring a luxury yacht in Dubai. Is it expensive? Are the yacht charters safe? Is it any different from cruise ships? Their concern is understandable. After all, some of us are renting a yacht for the first time. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of most popular FAQs related to yacht rental Dubai.

Q: Are yacht charters safe? This will be my first corporate event on a yacht and I’m quite nervous.

For Royal Yachts, the safety of our guests is our number one priority, everything else comes second. Just like with aircraft, the safety regulations pertaining to yachts are very strict and no watercraft will be allowed to cruise anywhere unless she has been approved for such, after a detailed inspection. The yacht captain needs to provide all necessary inspection certificates before he is allowed to take a yacht for a charter. A competent captain will always choose a safer option of staying in the harbour than to attempt a dangerous passage, even if it makes guests unhappy.

Q: Are children and pets allowed on yacht rentals in Dubai?

Yachts are always designed with keeping the safety of children in the picture, so yes. In fact, the very reason many people buy yachts and superyachts is to spend quality time with their family. Of course, one still has to follow the safety rules and regulations in order to make yachts a safe haven for kids and young adults.

In the case of pets, most chartered yachts in Dubai will not allow pets on board due to health and safety reasons. Moreover, sea travel is quite uncomfortable for the animals. Although one has to keep in mind that different yachts have different policies regarding kids and pets on board. You can always consult with your yacht broker about this.

Q: Will I be able to keep in touch with my loved ones via phone, once I aboard a luxury yacht charter?

It depends on how far your chartered yacht is cruising from the shore. If there is decent mobile coverage, you will be able to contact your family and friends easily and that too with standard charges. However, if you are on a long duration charter in the middle of a sea, the mobile coverage would be nonexistent and you may need to use satellite communication which is very costly. That’s why it is reserved for emergency situations.

The ‘free WiFi’ on a yacht cruise is free as long as it is connected to a terrestrial communication network and not a satellite. Always check with your captain and crew before downloading a huge amount of data.

Q: How much privacy can we expect on a luxury yacht in Dubai? I’m afraid the crew will be around all the time.

Except for the emergency situations, the crew aboard a yacht is highly trained in keeping themselves scarce so that guests can enjoy their privacy while aboard a luxury yacht. If you have advised the crew regarding your needs beforehand, then the crew would be able to anticipate it and wouldn’t disturb you unnecessarily. Unless some kind of requests is made by the guests in terms of food, beverages or entertainment, rest assured the yacht crew will keep themselves as discreet as possible.

Q: Do I have the freedom to choose the dates my yacht charter will begin and conclude or is it non-negotiable?

Renting a yacht for charter in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is always negotiable to some extent. At Royal Yachts, we offer personalized itineraries to our guests which means they can select the date of departure as well as the charter duration as per their own schedule. Furthermore, even if charter rates are set on a weekly basis, it is always possible to discuss daily rates should you prefer to extend your trip for a couple of more days.

Q: Is there any difference between a yacht charter and a cruise ship? Or is it the same thing?

There is a huge difference between the two! For instance, when you spend a vacation on a cruise ship, you basically book a room on a huge ship along with hundreds of strangers and have a predetermined itinerary to follow. On the other hand, when you charter a yacht you book the entire yacht for yourselves, have the freedom to allow guests and can have a personalized itinerary curated just for you and your guests.

You can celebrate your birthday on a yacht or even throw a yacht party for your friends. With luxury boat rentals, possibilities are endless. With cruise ships, not so much.

Q: I have heard that yacht charters can be really expensive. Is it not cheaper to buy a cruise ticket instead?

To tell you the truth, the cost per person when hiring a private luxury yacht charter is not far away from the cost of booking a ticket on a crowded cruise ship. Moreover, one has to understand that the base rate of a chartered yacht depends on her size. For instance, a 40m yacht with 14 guests onboard will cost a lot less than the same 14 guests chartering an 80m superyacht. In other words, the weekly charter rates are not calculated per head or the maximum guest capacity but depend on the size and characteristics of the yacht.

Apart from that, during the yacht charter, you basically ‘own’ the yacht – the choice of guests, food, entertainment, and itinerary are all yours. You can’t say the same for a cruise ship.

Q: When is the best time to visit Dubai for a vacation on a chartered yacht?

The sailing season in Dubai starts from December and concludes in March. The weather is pleasant during this period and one could bask in the sun on the deck. With Royal Yachts, you can enjoy the sightseeing such as a visit to Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and nearby destinations. Guests can also enjoy thrilling water sports such as jet-skiing, flyboarding, and paddle-boarding. As party yacht rental in Dubai is gaining popularity, guests can also celebrate the birthday party with their loved ones.