March 2, 2019

FAQs about Yacht Rental Dubai

Q: When should you book a yacht for a trip?
It is always better to book your yachts in advance that as early as possible from the time you plan. This will help us find the right yacht for you on the day of your choice.

Q: What are the payment methods we accept?
We accept both cash and credit card payments. Try to pay in advance so that we reserve your yacht for the date and time you choose for yourself.

Q: Do we own our yachts?
Yes, we own a fleet of locally and internationally built yachts and superyachts. We ensure we possess yachts that meet the demands of our varied customer base.

Q: Are the yachts insured?
Every single yacht is registered with Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) and possess all necessary public and private liability insurances.

Q: Do Royal Yachts appoint their crew members and captain?
Yes. Each of our vessels is managed by a team of crew members who work under the guidance of yacht captains. Crew members are professionally qualified and can speak both the local language and English for the convenience of the guests. They hold all necessary certifications and have a proven track record of working in the hospitality sector.

Q: Since when Royal Yachts has entered the yacht rental and yacht selling?
The company was founded by Mr. Mohamed Al Zaabi in the year 2011 and since then we have grown by leaps and bounds and today amongst the most popular yachting company in Dubai.

Q: How can you book a yacht with us?
Once you have decided to book a yachting trip with us, simply give us a call on the number shared here or write a mail or us or book online directly from the website. All tours can be customized as per your requests.

Q: Are babies allowed aboard the yacht?
Yes, infants, toddlers, and small kids are allowed but must be accompanied by parents or adults all the times. Kids who have become little older should wear life jackets all the times.

Q: Are pets allowed on yachts?
No pets are not allowed due to safety and security reasons.

Q: What is the right time to go yachting or cruising?
If you are planning to sail in the Middle East then the period between December and March is the most ideal time during which time weather is mild and cool. However, September to November is also a good time to surf the sea or relax under the Sun.

Q: Can you bring food and drinks?
This you should discuss while booking with our staff members. Both food and drinks are available on board and you will be provided with the one that you want for yourself and your family or guests.

Q: Should we carry our cutlery?
All our vessels carry all necessities to make your yachting a memorable experience. We also have a stock of disposable cutleries for our guests. But still, if you want, you can carry. Try carrying eco-friendly materials to contribute to the health of the Earth.

Q: Should we carry our music?
Though our vessels do have a music facility, yet if you wish you can come with your own. Make sure you carry your music in USB or AUX friendly devices.

Q: What amenities do you provide on your yachts?
Our yachts are equipped with all basic amenities that also include – Fridge, Electric grill, Microwave, Music system, Laundry, Theatre, Fitness centre, and inbuilt speakers. Our superyachts also have a swimming pool and other more extravagant amenities.

Q: Do you need to wear life jackets all the time?
According to the coastguard laws, life jackets are a must throughout your journey until the yachts are stopping over somewhere. is a must-have all through unless the yacht is in not moving. For photography purpose (if you wish to remove your life-jackets), you will have to take permission from the captain of the yacht.

Q: How good is cruising during the summer?
Summers are a good time to relax on the deck of the yachts. During the morning time, you can enjoy a good sunbath. Yachts have air-conditioned rooms, cabins, and lounges for the comfort of the guests during high temperature.

Q: What is the yacht chartering rate?
Every package is available at a different rate and our packages are designed to meet diverse expectations. The price of chartering a yacht starts from AED200 and packages can be customized as per the choices you make.

Q: Are there any hidden charges?
No, there is no hidden charge. Whatever rate is mentioned to you during the time of the booking is the final rate. All rates are subject to 5%VAT.

Q: What is the start and end time of a cruise?
The timing depends on the packages booked by the sailors. You are advised that you reach the venue half an hour before the booked time to avoid any kind of hassle.

Q: What happens if the weather is not favourable on the day of the sailing?
If the concerned department issue warnings of bad weather then we inform our guests immediately. You can choose from the below options:
• Change the sailing routes and agree to go on a different route
• Choose from the package that does not fall on the same route on which weather is expected to be bad
• Postpone the dates of chartering
• Cancel the booking

Q: For how long a chartering can be booked?
Usually 3 hours you would require to go sightseeing. You can book charters that are available for even lesser time and longer time too. If you wish to enjoy fully and relax as well then book a charter for at least one full day or one full week. All your packages can be customized as per your demand and budget.

Q: Can you have your menu prepared on board?
All our yachts have their chefs and kitchen staff. You will have to tell your choices beforehand while making your booking so that we keep the necessary items according to your menu before the sailing starts. You can ask for whatever you wish to have onboard and our chefs will be more than happy to prepare it for you.

Q: When you reach the venue, will there be anyone to receive us?
Yes, we will have our representatives to receive you from your point.

Q: What are the necessary documents that you have to carry?
A valid I.D. Passport for individuals coming from outside of UAE and for the residents of Emirates, you should carry your Emirati I.D. If you fail to provide any of the necessary documents, you will be refused entry into the vessel. During the time of booking, we will list down whatever document is necessary for the sailing. Make sure you carry them as mentioned.

Q: Is extending the chartering allowed?
Yes, you can extend, provided there is the availability of space. You need to talk to the captain for the same.

Q: Do you have a BBQ facility?
Yes, we do have a BBQ facility.

Q: Do you provide towels or hand napkins on board?
Yes, you do get towels and hand napkins on board

Q: What are the other necessary items that you should carry?
We provide most of the things on board. However, do carry your medicines and sunscreen too.

Q: What kind of shoes should guests wear?
Do not wear heels. Wear trainers or any flat shoes that will not leave scratch marks on the deck.

Q: What if we get seasickness?
We care for our guests and do not want them to fall sick anytime. We provide complimentary medicines for seasickness. Ask the captain or crew member for help.

Q: Do you serve alcohol on yachts?
You will have to discuss your requirements during the booking. Alcohols are made available on demand.

Q: What if there is a fire on the yacht while sailing?
Our crew members are well trained in fire extinguishing. God-forbid if any mishaps take places, they are skilled enough to handle the situation for a safe and secure journey of our guests.

Q: Do your vessels provide night stay facility?
Yes, our vessels have well-appointed rooms to spend a night or relax during leisure time.

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