December 6, 2019

Tips to Celebrate New Year Eve on Yachts in the Middle of Sea/Ocean

2019 is coming to an end and 2020 will soon embrace us. This is the time when people plan to bring a constructive change in their life. It all starts from New Year’s Eve when people make plans to find out a unique destination to start the new year with a bang. As popular destinations get overcrowded during this time of the year, many avid travellers and party animals look for secluded options. Celebrating the arrival of the new year in the middle of Sea and Ocean is amongst the choicest options today for many luxury and adventure lovers. The reason is, sailing is not only extravagant, but also a very exceptional option which also offers a secluded atmosphere, and all the three reasons make it the most perfect choice for luxury and privacy seekers.

Here are some tips that we will discuss to make the moment most satisfying for you:-

Tips That You Should Follow
As you need to take some precautions when you go on trekking the mountains or exploring the wilds, here also, when you go out on the sea or ocean, you will have to follow some tips so that your celebration is not spoilt in the middle.

Plan Ahead
To avoid the last-minute hassle always make sure you have made your bookings in advance. Since new years’ eve is the time when most of the people go out on vacation and almost all of the tourist destinations are fully packed. It is advisable that you plan ahead so that you do not have to compromise by booking a low-grade yacht or end up paying more than the normal for your yachting tours. This is not all. If you have plans to book hotels for further stay, then also you will have to make bookings in advance to avoid the rush.

Book Your Yacht in Advance
During the new years’ eve, Dubai is swarmed by tourists from every part of the world. Celebrating New year on yachts in the middle of the sea and ocean is one of the most selected options these days. If you delay booking your yacht then you won’t have enough good options to choose from. As most of the top yachts are booked in advance by the sailing enthusiasts. Also, during the rush hours, their no control over the cost. You might end by paying more for very low-quality service in a very poor-quality yacht. If you book early you will have an extensive option to choose from. Moreover, you will also get a good deal and a very satisfying yachting new year package.

Know Your Requirements
When you meet yachting company representatives then you will have to tell them your expectations from the new year celebration tour on a yacht. For that, you will first have to know what exactly you want to make your new years eve the most amazing one. Yachts in Dubai are well-equipped with all kinds of facilities and amenities to make your special moments most outstanding. Tell the crew members of the yacht all your expectations and the number of members who will board the yacht with you for the celebration. They will design your new year yachting package the way you might have dreamt.

What to Wear
There are certain things that you will have to follow while boarding a yacht. When you meet the yacht company representation try to find out from them what kind of dresses footwear you should carry. Mostly footwear with rough soles is not allowed as they can leave a scratch mark on the floors. Also, wind on the sea is cooler than what you feel on the land. So, carry some warm clothes so that if you feel the need can use them. It is understood during celebration times, one has plans to wear flashy and fashionable clothes, but do take necessary precautions to avoid any kind of discomfort.

If it is a celebration time, then you might want some decoration on your yacht. You can share your decoration expectations with your yacht rental company. They can plan and arrange everything for you the way you want. If you want colour themes or any other design theme for the occasion then let them know about it, so that when you board the yacht, you are left in awe.

Do Not Create Problems Onboard
Avoid creating troubles on board. If you are not satisfied with any service talk to the captain and do not go around abusing the crew members and the chefs. Each member of the team works day in and day out to make your yachting experience the most satisfying one. Due to some unexpected reason problems might arise. You need to understand that. Abusing crew members will only spoil the atmosphere further. Talking to the captain to solve all your problems.

Do Not Over Drink
Drinking is not prohibited during sailing or yachting. But if you drink more than required and start creating mischiefs then it will not be appreciated. Whether you have booked a private yacht or a charter yacht. You should be aware of the basic etiquettes while boarding a yacht.

Do Not Harass Female Staff
This problem is found everywhere. You should give proper respect to female staff on board. You will land in trouble if you try to harass female staff physically or sexually.

Tell your yacht rental company what kind of fireworks you want. They will guide you and also plan for you so that your activities do not affect anyone.

If you have already taken a yacht trip before then you might be familiar with the above tips, but if you are a first-timer then follow the above tips to avoid any kind of problem on board. To make your new year eve on a yacht in the middle of sea/ocean the most unforgettable one, make sure you follow all the above tips.

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