May 19, 2021

Soak in Complete Luxury – Experience Yacht Charter in Dubai

Suppose you plan your next vacation and look for something simple but elegant that allows you complete freedom and opens the opportunity to indulge in abundance, what would you look for? Nothing can be more fulfilling than a yacht charter in Dubai, the most favourite among vacationers today.

Yacht charter is fast becoming one of the most popular vacationing options for locals and tourists in Dubai. Many families, young couples, friends, and corporates opt for yacht charter to spend their leisure time. Even during the COVID times, it has been the only escapade the avid vacationers preferred without the fear of getting infected due to the isolated environment it offers. Far from the busy and crowded city life, you float in the middle of a vast ocean, soaked in complete luxury, a perfect option to maintain social distancing and privacy. What could be a better option for a luxury seeker who loves the serenity of the sea, whether it is COVID times or not?

UAE is one of the top few well-managed countries in the world during pandemic times, and hence we see vacationers from everywhere are flocking to its seashores, looking for yacht charter tours to book the trip of their life.

Dubai is a city that you must explore, and if you choose to charter a yacht, you will have the best time of your life. Luxury yacht charter in Dubai is a perfect escapade that you should not miss on your trip to this vibrant city of UAE.

Here, we have listed the top five reasons why you should charter a luxury yacht in Dubai:

  1. Luxury in Abundance

Yacht charters are known for their luxury trips equipped with extravagant services and facilities. You can experience luxurious comfort at its best. You spend time surrounded by stylishly designed interiors, opulently planned spacious lounge, cosy bedrooms, intricately planned deck, exceptional sitting, and dining areas perfected to make your stay with your loved ones the most treasured one.


  1. Amazing City Views

Dubai is famed for its incredible skyscrapers and striking modern architecture. As you sail through the water lanes of Dubai in your luxury yacht, you can take a glimpse of amazing views of Dubai Marina, one of the most distinctive developments in the United Arab Emirates. As you cruise through long stretches of Dubai shorelines, you will be welcomed by high-rise richly built apartment blocks, intriguing waterside restaurants, profusely designed shops, and more. Moving further, you will come across the impressive Burj Al Arab, the most extravagantly built the only 7-start hotel in the world, and then next is the outstanding Palm Jumeirah and the most spectacularly built Atlantis hotel.

  1. Fishing and Water Sports

Yacht charter tours in Dubai allow you an opportunity to spend some refreshing and fun-packed time in the middle of the sea. Equip your yacht with fishing and other water sports gears and head for a hair-raising fun and adventure moment. Indulge in the most thrilling water sports activities and make the most out of them. In between, you are offered complimentary refreshments, assorted soft drinks, tea, and coffee provided by most yachts charter providers. Try our deep-sea fishing. As you sail through the calm deep blue sea, lie back, feel the gentle strokes of the sea wind and watch the Dubai skyline as the sun sets on the Western horizon.

  1. Perfect Hospitality

Yacht charters in Dubai have a professional captain and crew onboard to make your trip the most satisfying one. Chartering a yacht with a team of an experienced captain and crew members on board adds more flavour to your sailing tour! In addition, you are offered the best hospitality that you may not get elsewhere. It is the most relaxing vacation option, where you lie back and chill and let the crew members do all the work for you. However, the captain of your yacht assures safe and secure travel while you spend your time enjoying every bit of it in abundance.

  1. Exclusive Services

Yacht companies offer exclusive onboard services that make yacht trips even more memorable. So indulge in complete luxury as you get the best-personalised service you have ever imagined. This includes a wide selection of delightful international cuisines, music to fine-tune your mood, the best entertainment system onboard, exciting ambience, serene surroundings, complete privacy and everything that can make your yacht charter the most memorable one.

Above are the five reasons that make Dubai a perfect destination for yacht cruising. So, do not delay your booking. Luxury yacht charter in Dubai will leave you stunned.

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