New Years Yacht Rental Dubai

Welcome the New Year 2022 in Style – Onboard a Luxury Yacht

When it comes to the top few places to celebrate New Years’ Eve in style, Dubai is the one name that comes to our mind! In all its magnificence, Dubai looks perfect for the occasion with glitzy streets, iconic skyscrapers, plush restaurants, swanky shopping avenues, and the splendid waterfront with fully bedecked private luxury yachts in Dubai to take you on a breathtaking ride. And the clamours of sounds, fireworks, music from every corner make it even more pulsating and rejoicing, spicing up the atmosphere.

Dubai is simply phenomenal this time of the year! First, sail into smooth waters as you ring in the New Year aboard a luxury yacht in Dubai amid midnight fireworks along with unlimited fun and frolic. Then, enjoy the spectacular views as 2022 approaches. People are thronging the city in large numbers and booking their private luxury yachts to make the most out of the New Year 2022 party.

On New Years’ eve, the luxury yachts become the most preferred venue for party animals. Each vessel becomes a luxurious party venue with loads of frolicking activities for all. Interiors made of timber with drapes covering the walls elegantly, and the flooring made of hardwood looks stylish and classy. As you cruise through the aquamarine water beneath, the shimmering skyline of Dubai creates an atmosphere that will leave you stunned.

Make Your New Year 2022 Celebration Most Spectacular

If you are planning for a yacht themed private party this New Year in Dubai, book with us now, and let us do the rest for you. We will ensure the evening is captivating with Fireworks, Live Musicians, Custom Lighting, DJs, Fly Board display, and more. Drinks and dance will further make the occasion electrifying and scintillating.

You can choose from the extensive array of private luxury yacht party packages designed mainly for New Years’ Eve. Starting from cocktail parties, sumptuous meals, fun activities, drinks on demand and dance, the idyllic atmosphere will leave you wanting for nothing more. You can customise your packages to suit your personal needs to make your celebration even more fulfilling for you and your family/friends. Royal Yachts will provide you with complete comfort, privacy, and everything in style. So make your bookings now, and help us serve you better.

new year yacht Dubai

With Royal Yachts at your service, you will not need to worry about anything.

Royal Yachts is one of Dubai’s most reputed yacht rental companies, ensuring you get the best service during these trying times due to the global pandemic crises that severely engulfed the world. Our yachts are well-maintained and thoroughly sanitised and disinfected regularly with complete health and hygiene regime followed rigidly at every step keeping the health and the safety of our crew members and our guests in mind. So as you book with us for the most memorable New Year Yacht party of your life, you can keep your worries away!