March 2, 2019

5 Simple Steps to Book a Luxury Yacht charter

While the sparkling city of Dubai would have plenty of options, yacht rentals are still the classiest way to cruise into the new year. As a matter of fact, luxury yacht rental Dubai are quite popular among young working individuals. Even tourists are flocking to Dubai to take part in party celebrations love to get aboard a yacht cruise.

In Dubai, prices of hiring luxury boats are not as much as one would imagine. While luxury boat rentals are still a fairly new way of enjoyment for many of us, yachting in Dubai has been a well-accepted lifestyle for rich and famous. After all, it is not as straightforward as booking a plane ticket or a hotel. However, once you understand what all it involves, you can easily charter a yacht.

Step-by-step guide for Dubai Yacht Rental Booking

Renting a luxury yacht is not as hard as one would expect. The following guide will take you through the process of booking a luxury boat in Dubai for, say, a New Year’s Eve.

Step 1: Zero in on top yacht charter company

Once you have made up your mind about spending your New Year’s Eve in Dubai with your friends aboard a yacht, what remains is choosing the best charter company. Check out user reviews for top yacht rental in UAE and compare their prices. Check out their website to get an idea about their services. Once you have made up your mind, you can contact their yacht charter specialist and further discuss the details.

Step 2: Select a Yacht and Destination

The demand for party yacht rentals in Dubai will skyrocket as the new year approaches. You have an option to charter a private yacht to celebrate, for instance, a birthday party with your friends. Or, if you prefer, you can book seats on a flybridge of a large party yacht to enjoy a grand New Year’s Eve celebration with others. The charter specialist would be able to guide you through this – informing you what and what not will be available aboard the yacht.

Step 3: Fill out the paperwork and preference sheet

Once you have selected the perfect yacht, you can go ahead with the paperwork. It involves a yacht charter contract between you and the company that outlines the terms and conditions which the specialist could explain you in detail. A deposit fee (some percentage of the agreed amount) would be taken from you to ensure the desired yacht is booked under your name for a particular time and date.

Step 4: Prepare yourself for travel

Once the paperwork is done, the captain and the cabin crew will prepare the yacht for your vacation, as per your needs. They will arrange for the preferred cuisine, drinks, and activities that you mentioned during the paperwork process. Based on your choices, the captain will chalk out an itinerary as per your arrival and departure which you are free to discuss over phone or email.

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy!

The day has arrived to enjoy your much-deserved vacation. Once you aboard a yacht cruise, the captain and the cabin crew will be your point of contact for any queries regarding food and activities. Let them know if you need anything. Once you set sail from Dubai Marina, a yacht cruise with your friends will surely create fond memories that you’ll always cherish. Visit the majestic Palm Jumeirah or try out deep sea fishing – enjoy a hassle-free luxury yacht charter in Dubai with your friends.

Important yacht charter tips

  1. If you or your friends suffer from seasickness (or motion sickness), make sure you have packed enough medicine.
  2. Do take the number of people on board into consideration when booking a yacht cruise in Dubai. Keep in mind that while it is okay to have a large number of guests for 3-4 hour cruise duration, for an overnight stay it would be impractical due to the limited number of rooms on a yacht. Discuss it beforehand with your charter specialist.
  3. It is important to know about the destination you are heading towards. For example, if you want to just hang around near Dubai Marina, then make sure you have enough water sports options. For long duration charter to Oman or RAK, you can choose to dine in the open air with beautiful landscapes in the background.
  4. Although it’s a private yacht cruise with no fixed itineraries, it is always advisable to let the cabin crew know in advance about any change of plan from your end so that they could arrange accordingly.
  5. While on a cruise, always carry the contact details of the yacht charter specialist that assisted you with the yacht rental. Any misunderstandings regarding any aspect of your vacation can be clarified to the yacht crew via the charter specialist.

Luxury yacht rentals sell like hotcakes during the holiday season. Just to summarize the yacht booking process for you – select the best yacht charter company UAE and contact their yacht charter specialist. Circle in on your favourite yacht and preferred destination. Complete the paperwork and pay a deposit fee. Discuss the itinerary before you depart for your vacation.

That’s it – you are all set! Enjoy your yacht cruise!