September 26, 2019

Everything About a Superyacht

Though yachts have become very popular today, some people still mistake yachts for cruise liners. Also, some people are not sure about all the different types of floating vessels and gets confused one for the other. Here we will try to discuss superyachts, on what they are and how they look and what is the purpose of superyachts.

When we say, yachts, then everyone familiar with these sea beauties give some idea about a stylish luxury boat that showcases class, opulence, and status. If yachts are so extravagant, then what on earth are superyachts? Are they superior to regular yachts? The answer is yes. They are far more superior and luxurious in comparison to normal yachts.

How is a Superyacht Different from a Yacht?
Superyachts are different from regular yachts on several features and technical details. Apart from the sizes, costs and luxury features, these professionally crewed luxury sea monsters are commercially operated and motor or sail powered with a load line length of 24 metres (79 feet) and above. Superyachts are no less expensive than islands, and if there is any difference too, and then they come just second after the islands.

According to Forbes magazine, the average price of any yacht is not less than $100 million and in the case of superyachts, it starts at around $275 million.

As far as regular yachts are concerned, they are pleasure vessels that always do not need professional crews to operate them unless demanded by the riders, but superyachts always need professionals and well-trained crew to operates them. While yachts are small-sized pleasure vessels, superyachts are up to 100 ft long. Moreover, the features and other characteristics are far more lavish in superyachts than what one can see in yachts. Some even have swimming pools and helipads, all designed on the demands made by the owners of the yachts.

Superyacht Crew Members
Superyacht crews are categorised into five different areas that is the captain, who is the manager of the yacht and the main person under whom everything functions; the chef, who takes care of the kitchen and food; the interior/housekeeping staff, who are responsible for keeping the inside environment comfortable for the guests; the deck crew, have to operate and maintains the vessel; and the engineers, ensures proper functioning of the vessel and other features inside.

Usually, crew members live on board and get an impressive monthly salary, with all the benefits and living expenses borne by the owner of the superyacht. So, they don’t have to pay for accommodation, food, water, and electricity.

Superyachts have a separate crew area, where they have their mess, laundry room, cabins, etc. Captain and chief engineers have their cabins.

The work pattern is erratic, so there is no fixed schedule. The timings depend on various factors and keep changing on different kinds of requirements. However, the healthy salary that they are offered makes for all the hard work that they have to do.

How are Superyachts Used?
While some superyachts are exclusively used by their owners, some are used for commercial purpose too and some offer charter businesses throughout the year.

Super Yachts for Sale in Dubai
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