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With years of experience dealing with clients, the company reinforces that there is no substitute for quality. Not just retailing high-end luxury yachts and boats, Royal Yachts also empowers clients with accurate market analysis and insight from its network around the world.


The Customer, through the activities of P.R. and marketing, will come into contact with the Royal Yachts with the aim of selling his boat.

Any of the mentioned yachts for sale will be inspected and checked by trusted technicians thanks to which Royal Yachts will release a detailed technical report/specification and commercial/legal due diligence.

The yacht will be placed in the market through an appropriate distribution on specialized internet platforms, through the newsletter of the Royal Yachts corporate website, through information to brokers belonging to our network.


A culture that dates back around 7000 years

Boating, fishing and pearl diving are not new to Arabian Gulf, they are a part of its rich culture that has tightly woven in the soul of the region since ages. Before the start of exploitation of the region’s oil reserves, fishing and pearl diving was a rich source of income for the majority of inhabitants in the UAE. The  Arabian coast had been harvesting the most precious pearls since time immemorial and had ever-increasing demand in India, Persia, Rome, Venice, North America and Ottoman Empire. Being considered as a luxury item for jewellery and clothing, pearl trade in the Middle East had grown to an overwhelming extent in the nineteenth century and gave a tremendous boost to the boating industry. Since then the industry has flourished in the region to such an extent that it united men of all background and is exponentially following its pathway to establish Dubai as a prime maritime hub.

The luxury fleet of yachts adding shimmer to the Ruler’s life

The prestige of Dubai, Al Maktoum family owns a luxurious fleet of yachts to cater to his love for the sea. The ruler of the land of luxury and opulence, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum owns the largest yacht in the world, named as, the Dubai Yacht. Designed by the renowned personality, Andrew Winch, the superyacht features a large pool, a disco along with innumerable and unparalleled amenities. In addition to the magnificent Dubai yacht, the family owns spectacularly stylish and high performing sea vessels belonging to the top-notch brands including Fairline, Benetti, Sanlorenzo, Sunseeker Yachts and Perini Navi.

The way to lead you towards a hearty and contented lifestyle

Owning a yacht opens the door of endless possibilities to rejuvenate, rejoice and experience life in the light of halo of the mighty ocean. This is the pathway of living a healthy lifestyle that would fill one with blissfulness while enjoying the sheer luxury and opulence. Visualize yourself standing on the upper deck of a luxury yacht and boat while enjoying the cool sea breeze, admiring the beautiful view of the sunset, and getting one with nature. If this made you feel some sensations then being on a yacht or a boat and experiencing the bold embrace of the ocean is a way which will replenish and energies you.

Travel, Dream And Discover

A yacht cruise in the blue waters with your close family and friends is the best way to relax, unwind during the weekends away from the hustle-bustle of the city. A boat cruise gives immense joy and pleasure having a sunbath on the upper deck while floating on the glittering ocean waves and being at peace with oneself. The vast sea offers unlimited chances to explore new places, find hidden islands and getting familiar with the rich heritage and culture of the people all around the world.

Want to Buy a Luxury Yacht or a Boat in Dubai? Now is the time!

Along with wonders such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab standing tall all along the United Arab Emirates coast, the city of Dubai boasts of nice beaches, great water sports and many nearby travel spots. We represent only the best boats and superyachts for sale within Dubai. With the city turning into a maritime hub as new marinas come up all over the coast.

The boat rental market is growing fast which means the luxury yacht rental in Dubai will only go up in the near future. Cruising in Dubai has already become an ideal way to relax and enjoy with scenic views of Dubai skyline in the front and vast blue sea at the back. That is why Royal Yachts believes in educating buyers about luxury sailing yachts and boats (such as Sea Ray, Blohm Voss, Perini Navi etc) so that they make quality yacht purchases.


While there are plenty of luxury new yachts and used boats for sale in Dubai, buying a luxury yacht is a tricky process, notably for pre-owned Dubai boats. UAE is new to the fun of yachting and as such, many yachts don’t have any proper maintenance. When looking to buy a yacht, it is wise to go through the process with a qualified surveyor and yacht brokerage agent such as Royal Yachts.

An expert luxury yacht broker such as we not only find the best yachts and boats for their clients but also guide them during the purchase so that it will give great user experience. In fact, many owners could also earn a good income from yacht rentals in Dubai. Apart from that, our yacht charters are a great way to enjoy Dubai. At Royal Yachts, we offer you the best custom power yachts and superyachts to explore the cosmopolitanism of the city.

We offer a variety of the highest quality mega yachts and luxury yachts for sale UAE. Our experienced sales team will guide you through your search, ensuring you find the optimal investment to meet both your expectations and budget.


Our partnership with European top boat brands allows us to bring before you some of the best luxury yachts Dubai with the finest artistry and superior design. That is why we take great pride in our tie-up with Fairline, Seabob and Bellaboats – our most trusted yacht builders in the business who helps us to present high-performing and super-stylish vessels for yacht charter and sale in the Middle East.


Founded on British Craftsmanship in 1963, Fairline encompasses a considered approach and commitment to reliability that creates models that have light, detail, volume and finesse, and paired with the security of outstanding seakeeping. Royal Yachts retails 3 premium Yacht brands under Fairline – F Line, Squadron & Targa – internationally recognised brands that are a combination of understated elegance meets performance and adventure. For direct buyers of Fairline yachts, Royal Yachts also provides zero cost maintenance, management, and crewing with an annual 5% ROI.

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Founded in 1970, Bella Boats, manufactured in Finland, is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass motor boats and a prime example of Nordic Craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Royal Yachts retails 4 premium Yacht brands under Bella – Aquador, Falcon, Flipper & Bella Boats.

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The world’s fastest underwater scooter is the absolute paragon of cutting-edge technology which is here to transform the underwater experience and let people explore marine life like never before. Having uncompromising quality standards that reflects in each and every detail, this futuristic scooter provides measurable enjoyment at the surface and underwater.

This exemplary innovation produced by Cayado Ag- a German-based company is meticulously hand-crafted with top-grade material. After taking years of development, the modern-day marvel has arrived at a result close to perfection and ready to give ultimate excitement and thrill.

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