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If you have ever desired to own a luxury superyacht, then take a look at these exceptionally built mega yachts for sale. New or pre-owned/used yachts, we help you find boats, luxury yachts, superyachts, and mega luxury yachts of your choice. We ensure there is no compromise on quality. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, transparency, and trustworthy service. We take complete responsibility for doing market research on behalf of our clients and help them with uncut industry insights. Our years of experience as a yacht brokerage firm encourage us to do comprehensive research of the market to help our clients find their choice of yacht.

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Customers, through the activities of P.R. and marketing, can reach out to us with an aim to sell their luxury superyachts, and boats conveniently and profitably.

We confirm all the yachts for sale in our inventory are sincerely examined and inspected by qualified technicians, and industry professionals. Thereafter, we come up with a detailed technical report and specifications along with commercial and legal documents with due diligence.

After all the formalities of inspection, reports, and documentation, yachts are placed in the market through an appropriate distribution process on specialised online platforms for the buyers to view our fleet online and initiate their buying process. We make it a point to inform our buyers, sellers, customers, partners, and brokers in our network through newsletters and emails.


We Are A Trusted Yacht Brokerage Company In Dubai, Helping You In Finding The Right Yacht for Sale At The Right Price!

With a massive market of motorboats, luxury yachts, superyachts, luxury mega yachts for sale from around the world, making the right choice can be a challenging task. However, with the right yacht broker or brokerage company Royal Yachts, you can achieve your yacht purchasing goal conveniently.

At Royal Yachts, we always go the extra mile to help you find your perfect yacht. Our vast experience in the yacht brokerage, yacht management, and consultancy industry gives our esteemed clients an opportunity to view our inventory privately and also source the best luxury superyachts for sale from across the world.

With the guidance and consultancy of our expert team, we can help you in finding the right yacht at the right price.

As a full-service yacht company, we also specialize in yacht charters, technical build, construction of new yachts, and maintenance/servicing of old ones. We can guide you on every aspect of buying and selling a luxury yacht and superyacht at every stage of the sale and provide you with the complete support you need to make your purchase a fulfilling one. We continue to be by your side long after the sale is complete.



We Have Luxury Yachts To Cater To Every Sailing Aspiration, Whether Be It Is Personal Or Professional!

Along with wonders such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab standing tall all along the United Arab Emirates coast, the city of Dubai boasts of beautiful beaches, great water sports activities, and many nearby travel spots. We introduce only the finest selection of luxury yachts, mega yachts, powerboats and superyachts for sale in Dubai. As the new marinas and mariners are swarming the coastline of Dubai in large numbers. The city is all set to become one of the most preferred a maritime destinations in the world.

 The boat rental market in the Middle East and around the world is growing fast. It signifies that the luxury yacht rental will only find more markets soon. Cruising in Dubai has already become an ideal way to relax and enjoy. The scenic views of the Dubai skyline in the front and the vast blue sea at the back. That is why Royal Yachts believes in educating buyers about luxury sailing yachts and boats (such as Sea Ray, Blohm Voss, Perini Navi, etc.) so that they make quality yacht purchases.


Our Highly Qualified Brokers Offer You Guidance At Every Step Of The Purchasing Process

While there are plenty of luxury new yachts and used boats for sale in Dubai, buying a luxury yacht is a tricky process, notably for pre-owned Dubai boats. UAE is comparatively new to the fun of yachting, and as such, is still in its nascent stage. When looking to buy a yacht, it is wise to go through the process with qualified surveyors, technicians, consultants and yacht brokerage agents such as Royal Yachts. We are experts in the marketing and sale of luxury boats, power yachts, superyachts and mega luxury yachts. 

An expert luxury yacht broker, we not only find the best yachts and boats for our clients but also guide them at every step during the purchase so that they can purchase with great confidence. 

Buyers can choose from our vast inventory of new and pre-owned yachts as per their personal and professional needs. We ensure complete guidance to construct new yachts as per client comfort and style expectations. Many yacht owners in Dubai can have good earnings from yacht rental and yacht charter services. Moreover, our luxury yacht charters in Dubai are a great way to rejoice in the seascape around. At Royal Yachts, we offer you the best custom power yachts and superyachts to explore the cosmopolitanism of the city.

We offer an extensive range of excellent quality luxury yachts, superyachts and mega yachts for sale in the UAE. Our expert sales team will assist you through your exhaustive search process, confirming you find the best investment in luxury yachts to fulfil your expectations and budget.



New And Pre-Owned/Used Luxury Yachts For Sailing, Cruising, Sportfishing Introduced By Worldwide Brokers And Sellers

Our partnership with European top yacht brands allows us to bring before you some of the best luxury yachts in Dubai with the finest craftsmanship, technological brilliance and superior design. We take great pride in our tie-up with Fairline, Seabob and Bellaboats – our most trusted yacht builders in the business who help us present high-performing and super-classy yachts for sale in the Middle East.


A fine example of British Craftsmanship, Fairline built-in the year 1963 showcases an approach and commitment to reliability that shapes designs that possess light, detail, volume and artistry. Additionally, combined with the security features, it enhances the already outstanding sea keeping. Royal Yachts retails 3 premium Yacht brands under Fairline – F Line, Squadron & Targa – internationally recognised brands that are a combination of understated elegance, performance and adventure. For direct buyers of Fairline yachts, Royal Yachts also provides zero-cost maintenance and crew service with an annual 5% return on investment.

fairline yachts for sale


Bella Boats, manufactured in Finland, was founded in 1970. It is one of the prestigious manufacturers of fibreglass motorboats and; is also an ultimate example of Nordic Craftsmanship done meticulously. Royal Yachts retails 4 premium Yacht brands under Bella – Aquador, Falcon, Flipper & Bella Boats.

bella boats for sale


The world’s fastest underwater scooter is the absolute paragon of cutting-edge technology, which is here to transform the underwater experience and let people explore marine life like never before. Having uncompromising quality standards reflect in every detail, this futuristic scooter provides measurable enjoyment at the surface and underwater.

 Built by Cayado Ag- a German-based company, Seabob is an excellent innovation. It is carefully hand-crafted with the best quality materials. It took years of development to build this modern-day piece of art that has arrived as an outcome of hard work, craftsmanship and talent, close to perfection and all set to give memorable excitement and exhilaration.

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