Seabob F5 SR

The Seabob F5 SR is one of the most spectacularly designed and powerful underwater scooter which offers unique driving performance. Having 745 newtons, the SEABOB F5 SR’s E-Jet Power System which produces a strong propulsive force the watercraft transforms the underwater experience for its users. The 7 power levels are exhibited by the engine of this powerful watercraft. Enjoy your cruise through the water at a relaxed pace in a low gear. Put your watercraft in high gears and experience the F5 SR’s impressive propulsion through the water. The SEABOB’s cam system has two integrated cameras, a built-in storage system and a wi-fi transmission module.

Having two rear fins the SEABOB F5 SR offers insane driving stability. The high-performing watercraft having a sporty design is equipped with a valuable chrome package as standard.  

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