April 20, 2022

An Evening in Dubai Experiencing Yacht Charter Sunset Cruise

Dubai sunset cruise combined with dinner is a favourite with several locals and visitors. It has its own charm that you may not find anywhere. However, you can make it even more memorable and extra special by choosing a luxury yacht charter to experience the sunset cruise in Dubai.

Dubai has countless options to keep you engaged, but the sunset cruise on board a yacht charter will leave a lasting impression in your mind. The Sun, the sea, the opulence and the calm water will enwrap you from all sides, giving you a fairytale-like feeling. As you cruise forward to capture the sunset, the radiant light that exudes from the sun will cover the horizon from yellow saffron to crimson red; it will create an amorous atmosphere. The sundown moment in Dubai is very utopian, so if you are newly married and planning for a romantic evening, or you want to spend a lovely evening with your spouse or partner, then the Dubai sunset point is the best. Ensure you have booked a luxury yacht to make it even more romantic and blissful.


Lady Maia Yacht Sunset view


At Royal Yachts, we take care of all your requests to make your evening extra special on board a luxury boat cruise. We guarantee a luxury dinner cruise onboard our exceptionally designed yacht. Our meals are loaded with a sumptuous international buffet menu personally prepared by professional trained 5-star chefs.

As you meander through the canals, creeks and bay, you will be stunned to see the majestic towers that reach out to the sky to hug and kiss it, looks like all the skyscrapers are competing with each other to reach the skies fastest. Sitting on the boat’s upper deck will give you a broader view of the sea and seashores. Cruising through the Dubai Marina out into the bay and return to Marina taking the same route. In between, you get to experience the sunset on the western horizon. You will be taken to the closest possible spot so that you can capture the best views of the sunset.


Dubai Marina

What More to Expect Onboard?

Royal Yachts operates a sunset cruise charter, so you will need to schedule your charter at your convenience. Apart from sailing through the calm waters and witnessing the views, you also experience a live cooking station that serves your mouthwatering delicacies. As you luxuriate in your favourite delicacies and capture the view, the musicians on board will keep your mood lifted with either local Arabian music or anything of your choice. So when you book your yacht with us, make sure you learn about the activities on board before the boat departs the shore.