July 19, 2021

11 Action-Packed Adventurous Outdoor Activities to Keep You Motivated in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most loved cities for tourists from across the world. The city, with endless opportunities, offers a host of adventurous outdoor activities to cater to the diverse tastes and likes of its visitors. While desert dunes cover a vast land area of Dubai, its long stretches of shorelines make it a perfect destination for sand and sea lovers. In short, Dubai is an enormous playground for adventure sports lovers. From desert safari, hot air balloon rides, skiing to yacht rental tours, sky diving, and fishing, Dubai is simply vivid and irresistible when it comes to action-packed adventure sports activities. This blog will cover the maximum outdoor activities to indulge in this port city for an exhilarating and fun-filled holiday experience.

Some of the most thrilling Adventure Activities

1. Desert Safaris

If you are in Dubai and have not hit the desert sands in a sturdy 4×4 SUV, then you have missed out on the fun that this desert city offers. Ensure you indulge in dune bashing, sandboarding, camel safari, quad biking, and more. You can spice up your desert safari with belly dance in the middle of the desert, along with an evening barbecue.


2. Water Sports

Dubai has long extended shorelines making it a perfect destination for water sports activities. First, travel to the sparkling white sandy beaches and explore your aquatic skills. Then, enjoy some hair-raising water sports activities. Dubai’s shorelines are an excellent hub for some of the most exciting water sports like water skiing, kayaking, seaboard-surfing, diving, parasailing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and many more.



3. Yacht Rentals

If you crave a combination of adventure, luxury, comfort, and style, then nothing can beat yacht rental tours in Dubai. Hire a company, select a yacht of your choice, plan your sailing route, equip your vessel with all the provisions you may need during your trip, and spend some time with your loved ones in complete grandeur. It is an out of the world experience when you float in the middle of the vast ocean in complete serenity, while the stars in the sky gaze at you in awe, the water beneath plays the humming music from behind, and light breeze strokes you gently as you glide from one place to another.

Notorious Yacht Back


4. Sky Diving

The sky is not the limit in Dubai. So shoot to the clouds, hold your breath and dive down back to the golden sands of Dubai. You encounter some of the most fantastic skydiving experiences on offer in this vibrant city of the UAE. Nothing can be more exciting than parachuting into this city of skyscrapers.

Sky diving


5. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Make your day a perfect combination of fun, prolific, excitement, and adventure. A hot air balloon ride will be one of the more thrilling experiences of your life. You can choose to make your day an adventurous one. Take a hot air balloon ride, elevate yourself above the mounds of sands and enjoy the most magnificent sunrise or sundown. You get a spectacular view of Dubai as you float in the city sky.

6. Skiing

Skiing is another most exciting outdoor adventurous activity you can enjoy at Ski Dubai, a must-visit skiing attraction in Dubai housed inside the Mall of the Emirates. It uses about 60000 tonnes of snow to create a real skiing destination experience that is irresistible to be missed.

7. Top of Burj Khalifa Experience

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest man-made tower. Climb up to the 124th Floor and take a glance at the captivating Dubai skyline. There is an outdoor observation deck at the top of the tower that allows you uninterrupted views of Dubai, an unmissable attraction of any visit to this stunning city.

8. Fishing

Dubai coastline has more to offer you than just engaging in water sports and sunbathing. Fishing is amongst the most loved activities, popular with all types of visitors. There are specially designed boats with all necessary fishing tools and equipment to provide infinite moments of fun. You are also supplied with unlimited food and beverages.

Fishing Yachts


9. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is the ultimate experience of an adrenaline rush. Hire a trained and experienced staff who can guide you for the 50-meter jump. Property safety measures and equipment are a must for indulging in this breath-holding activity.

10. Golfing

Dubai is designed to meet the diverse tastes and interests of its tourists. The city boasts of one of the finest golf courses in the Middle East, an excellent place for both first-timers and experienced golfers.

11. Motorcycles and Biking

Just imagine exploring the city on a Harley Davidson! When you are in Dubai, ensure you have taken this thrilling ride to make all your dreams come true. If you are in an adventurous mood, rent a motorcycle when the weather is lovely and explore the wonders of Dubai on two wheels.

Wrap Up

A perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts, Dubai has more to offer than what is listed above. You just need to visit it to experience the fun, excitement, and vitality it offers.

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