March 2, 2019

10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Yacht Rentals

Luxury yacht rentals in Dubai is a great way to explore the beautiful city and its landmarks. A yacht charter offers all the fun and entertainment one could hope for on a luxury boat. Before you get all excited and rent a yacht to spend some quality time with your friends and family, be wary of all the dos and don’ts. We have compiled a list of yacht charter etiquettes as well as few things to keep in mind when looking for yacht rental UAE.

1. Decide the duration of your yacht rental

Rent a luxury yacht as per the agreed duration and make sure not to extend your stay unnecessarily. Always be aware of the fact that there are other clients waiting in line for their turn. On top of that, the yacht management team has to clean and repair the yacht before the next guests arrive. That is why it’s always nice to have a schedule during the yacht charter and stick to it.

2. Be familiar with the yacht size and how many it can accommodate

Since you already know the number of guests invited to a yacht party, it would be easier to find a yacht that would accommodate them comfortably. For example, Shaali 52 luxury yacht can entertain up to 17 guests while DXB Benetti Classic can easily take care of 50 guests. Hence, always book a yacht after consulting about the number of guests it can take in.

3. Inform the crew about your pick-up and drop-off points, be punctual

Once you have set the date and duration of your yacht charter, please share with the yacht crew the route you’d prefer to take, including the pick-up and drop-off points. Punctuality is always crucial when it comes to all kinds of reservation and bookings. Hence, always be on time to your pick-up location.

4. Follow the ‘bare feet’ rule

While boarding the yacht, it is always best to follow the bare feet rule. Shoes with high heels can easily scratch and damage the teak deck while black soles can leave ugly marks while walking. Therefore, it is best to walk bare feet when roaming all around the yacht.

5. Treat the yacht as a home away from home

While you may have chartered the luxury yacht for a certain duration, always take care of it as your own. Owners provide their luxury yachts for charter under the condition that it will be treated well and taken care of. Hence, always keep the behaviour of your guests in check.

6. Drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited

There is a strict zero-tolerance policy against bringing illegal drugs and firearms on your yacht charter. Not only it is risky and irresponsible behavior, but the yacht captain can lose his or her license. Respect the charter contract and refrain from such activities.

7. Take care of the little ones

Children are always welcome on yacht charters provided you take care of them yourself. Bring a nanny onboard if you will, but please don’t expect the yacht crew to babysit as they have other important duties to perform.

8. Respect the privacy of the crew

While it’s your charter for a particular duration, always respect the privacy of the crew. For instance, the crew quarters are not to be entered without permission. The captain is the head of the crew. If you have any concerns/complaints, please contact him or her directly.

9. Smoking is at the discretion of the yacht owner

Usually, smoking is not allowed inside a yacht although some yachts may have open deck space where it is permitted. Even then, it is entirely at the discretion of the yacht owner. So, if you have smokers in your group, it would be advisable to consult the yacht broker regarding this, before you finalize terms.

10. Beware of seasickness

If you and your guests are prone to seasickness, make sure you have sufficient medication available with you. In addition to that, don’t eat or drink too much during the charter as it will only aggravate your sickness. Inform the yacht captain if your condition gets worse.

Follow these 10 yacht charter etiquettes to ensure you have an awesome time with your family and friends when you rent a yacht in Dubai next time. Check out Royal Yachts’ exciting yacht rental packages that will surely provide you with the ultimate yachting experience.